Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wiwi Problem

Hello guys! I'm here again. As much as I wanted to write and write blog entries, hindi ko na magawa. Hindi na talaga kaya ng powers ko eh. Kung makakasingit, I'll try my best to write something. =)

Anyway, I have a problem right now. It's about Ina, my only girl and youngest child. The problem is she is imitating her brothers in peeing! As in if she goes to the CR, she'll put up the toilet seat and stand in front of the toilet and pretend to pee. Parang lalaki lang!

Then, when I try to let her pee by sitting on the toilet seat, pumapalag. Kailangan talaga ng matinding pakiusapan and explanation na she is a girl and she needs to pee that way. And take note, I demonstrate to her pa how to pee. Hahaha!

So ngayon, binilinan ko na ang mga kuya niya to always close the CR door when they pee and not to show Ina how they pee. Haaayyyssttt... Monkey see and monkey do nga naman...

For you moms there who has an only girl, do you or did you experience this also? How do you go about it? Please share naman. =)

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