Thursday, May 25, 2017

Food Trip: Erawan Thai Food

One time, I craved for Pad Thai noodles pero our favorite Thai resto is in Makati pa (that is Som's Noodle House). Buti na lang there is this Thai resto inside our village that's why there is no need to travel far na. The name is Erawan Thai Food.

Actually, I've been seeing Erawan Thai Food na before. That is when it was still located along Lalaine Bennett St. I've always wanted to try its food but parking prevents me to. As far as I remember, parang wala itong available na parking tapos it is located along the main road pa.

Now, it transferred already along BF Resort Drive, kaya ayun, we had a chance to dine in already.

It is just a small restaurant as you can see here...

At peak hours, maraming kumakain. Buti na lang when we came there, patapos na mga tao kumain kaya nakakuha kami kaagad ng table.

Here is their menu...

We ordered the following:

Large Thai Fried Rice...


Their fried rice is yummy! Kahit walang ulam, ok na!

Large Chicken Pad Thai...


Masarap rin naman their Pad Thai pero I like Som's more. Parang may kulang kasi na ingredient and medyo bitin pa rin ang large size. Ewan ko lang ha kung sadyang matakaw lang kami o medyo konti lang talaga ang serving nila. Haha!

Large Thai Crispy Fish...


For this one, ang nagdala is the sauce. May pagka sweet and tangy ang flavor. Maganda rin ang pagkaprito ng fish so it's crispy from the outside and juicy inside. Nagustuhan nga ng mga bagets eh.

We ordered also Thai Milk Tea priced at P60.00. Sakto lang. It doesn't have the woody taste (if it's how to describe it) that I've expecting.

Overall, taste-wise and price-wise, it is reasonable naman. We will probably go back to have a quick fix of our Thai cravings!

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