Saturday, March 04, 2017


I have two toddlers now in the house - Ina and Christoff! You can't just imagine the trouble these two make when they are together. As in grabe!

Totoo pala the saying na you should be wary whenever your kids are quiet. Quiet, meaning yung tipong hindi mo naririnig na naghaharutan or bigla na lang huminto ang pag-iingay. It means pala na may ginagawa nang kababalaghan.

Like one night, while I was busy preparing dinner, one of the twins went to me and told me that something terrible happened. When I went to our room, this is what I saw...

OMG talaga! Nilabas yung mga damit sa cabinet namin! Minsan talaga feeling ko matatanggalan na ako ng turnilyo sa ulo eh. Hahaha!

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