Friday, February 17, 2017


One homeschooling day, my kids and I were having fun. My son, Ian, suddenly wanted to draw a moustache on my face. He said that he wanted to see how I look like with a moustache. Since we are using washable markers, I obliged.

Do you want to see how I looked with a moustache on???


Ok ba? Ampogi ko ba? Hahaha!

My learnings that day...

Always have fun with my children and unleash the child in me once in a while!

Ang saya lang talaga. Ang sarap pagmasdan ng tawanan ng mga anak ko. I'm sure that they will store this moment in their memory bank. Minsan talaga, dapat hindi tayo laging serioso. Kung baga, let loose lang minsan. Ako kasi, sa dami ng iniisip ko na gagawin ko, nakakalimutan ko na magrelax relax minsan. =)

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