Friday, February 17, 2017

Food Discovery: Frontier Etali Flavoured Crispy Cream Wafers

I really love discovering new food. Not only because of my kids, but because I'm like that ever since. I don't know if nabanggit ko na sa inyo ito. Mahilig kasi ako magtry ng mga bagong food and mga bago sa mata ko.

For snacks, one of my favorite is wafer. Mahilig talaga ako diyan, particulary vanilla flavor (I'm not a chocolate kind of girl. Hehe!). So one time, at the supermarket, I spotted Frontier Etali Flavoured Crispy Cream Wafers. Naaliw ako. Iba iba ang mga flavor. May chocolate, orange, vanilla, strawberry and matcha. I bought all flavors except chocolate. Hehe. Masarap sila lahat!

Here is the photo of the packaging in case you are curious (sorry, I finished na the orange flavor before I took this photo.)...

And guess what? Very affordable siya compared sa ibang imported wafers. It only costs P55.50 each. Oks na oks sa budget di ba?

So that's it! 'Til my new food discovery!!!

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