Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kulilits Moments: Curious Minds

Wow! It has been almost 6 months since the last time I blogged. Sobrang busy na talaga. So sorry!With four kids plus a hubby without a household help, sobrang hahanapan na lang talaga ng time to blog.

Anyway, gusto ko lang naman ishare sa inyo ang conversation naming ng mga kulilits last night. Sobrang curious nila talaga. Yung mga tanong pa nila yung tipong hindi ko pa kayang i-explain ngayon since they are just 5 years old. Haayyysttt...

So here it goes...

Chris: Mommy, is daddy really an actor?
Me: Hmmm... yes! He has a movie. (ito yung movie na naging extra lang si hubby... Hahaha!)
Chris: What was the title of the movie again?
Me: I Love You Goodbye
Ian: Why do you say I love you to goodbye?
Me: It's just the title of the movie anak.
Chris: Can we watch it?
Me: Hmmm... you can only watch the scene where daddy is.
Ian: Why can't we watch the whole movie mommy?
Me: Because there are scenes that you can't watch.
Chris: Why?
Doc Padu: Because it is not yet appropriate to your age.
Ian: Is there kissing like in Spiderman?
Me: Hmmm... yes...
Chris: Why is kissing yucky? Why do you need to cover our eyes? Well, can we watch it with daddy and just cover our eyes if there are kissing.
Me: No! Just the scenes where daddy is.
Chris: Why? I want to watch it!
Me: Because it is for adults only.
Chris: Why only for adults? Why can't we watch it?
Me: Ang kulit mo ha! Sobra kang curious! When you become a teenager your daddy will talk with you about it. For now, you are too young for those things.
Chris: Why? Because when we are going to be a teenager, we are going to love a girl?
Doc Padu: What love? You study first and learn to earn a living!

Hahaha! Pero mahaba pa talaga yang conversation na yan eh. Ang kulit ng kambal. Ang daming tanong. Hindi ko masagot ng diretso na may sex scenes dahil alam ko na tatanungin ako kung ano yun at hindi pa ako ready sagutin o pag-usapan yun. Besides, gaya nga ng sinabi ko kanina, they are just 5 years old!!!

Kayo mommies, ano bang advice ang maibibigay niyo sa akin? Paano niyo sinagot ang mga tanong na ganito ng kids niyo? Pashare naman please...