Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Children: Blessing and Gift from God

In the Bible, it is written in Psalm 127:3 that children are a blessing and gift from the Lord. That is really true and I can attest to that! =)

To give you a brief background, my husband and I were having a hard time conceiving during our first few years as a married couple. It came to the point that we had ourselves tested which made us somehow lose our hope of having a child because we found out that I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and hubby has a low sperm count.

Then on our fourth year as a married couple, a BIG surprise came. I couldn't believe it that we were already pregnant not only with one but two babies. Alam niyo yun, sobrang nakakaiyak kasi we were only asking for one but God gave us two kaagad unexpectedly because, honestly speaking, we weren't trying anymore. And guess what? They came out on February 1. A perfect gift for our 5th year wedding anniversary.

For our next baby naman, come what may na ang thinking namin because I'm not sure again if I could still conceive kasi nga hirap kami gumawa before. Surprisingly, after 2 years, we became pregnant again. We were really hoping for a baby girl para sana quota na dahil nga tumatanda na kami. But I think God has another plan for us that's why he gave us another boy. And guess what? He came out on December 16. A perfect Christmas gift to us!

For our "last" baby ("last" kasi di pa sure kung last na talaga. LOL!), medyo napaaga kasi ang dating niya. Pangit man pakinggan, siya ay unplanned. Ayaw ko pa sana sundan si Christoff eh kasi wala pang 2 y/o. Iniisip ko kasi na baka di ko siya masyadong matutukan or baka mabale wala ko dahil busy ako sa pag-homeschool sa twins tapos siyempre ang baby alagain din. Pero siyempre, sino naman ako para magreklamo di ba? Ang baby blessing yan. Malay natin, maging future president yan o di kaya ang maging suwerte sa buhay namin. Anyway, our last baby is finally a girl. Katuparan din ng wish namin mag-asawa. And guess what? She came out on October 22. Of course, a perfect birthday gift for me. And hindi lang yun, magkabirthday pa kami!

Di ba ang ganda ng mga birthday nila? Laging may special occasion na katapat. =)

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