Friday, May 01, 2015

Product Review: Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid Soap

When it comes to household products, I'm always on the verge of trying new ones. Meaning to say, I don't really stick to a particular brand specially when I discover that there is a cheaper but better one. It isn't really not being loyal. Instead, I call it being practical.

Like for dishwashing liquid soap, you not only use it everyday but at least three times a day. So malakas talaga ang gamit nito so you have to at least try to look for some alternative products if you want to save on your monthly grocery expenses. Kaya nga when I was asked to try and blog about Bubble Man dishwashing liquid soap, I immediately agreed lalo na nung nalaman ko na it's a local brand.

The variants of dishwashing liquid soap that they sent me include antibac, lemon and kalamsi.

Siyempre, I tried all of them and did some research before writing this blog entry. So here's my personal opinion about the product...


In terms of packaging, you can see that it is presentable and comparable to other brands. The plastic container, I could say, is durable. Hindi siya yung malambot na tipong tinipid. What I like with their packaging is their cap. It's not the flip cap type which easily breaks due to often use. And ang ganda din sa cap nila is that mas nacocontrol mo yung labas ng liquid soap.

For the smell, I could say na hindi masakit sa ilong. Yung ibang brand kasi parang gumuguhit sa ilong yung amoy. This product has mild scent. Yung tipong masarap amuy amoyin. My favorite scent is the kalamansi.

I checked also the consistency of the liquid. I could say na hindi siya malabnaw. Kasi yung ibang product, mura nga pero sobrang labnaw naman. So talo ka pa rin bandang huli dahil mas mapapalakas ang gamit.

For the appearance of the liquid soap, they used appropriate colors - blue for the antibac, yellow for lemon and green for kalamsi. Same same lang with the other brands.

In terms of effectiveness, it really cleans well. I tried using it in two ways - splotching it directly to the sponge (as directed) and diluting it with water. Both ways, it's effective.

After rinsing it, you can really feel that you thoroughly washed your dishes. Walang dulas! Aside from that, it is easy to rinse din. Hindi makapit yung soap and yung amoy niya. So tipid ka rin sa tubig. =)

Kamusta naman sa kamay ko? Like what the product claims, it is really gently on hands. Hindi siya tulad ng iba na ramdam mo yung tapang ng sabon na tipong kakatihin yung kamay mo. Feel mo rin na hindi nagdri-dry yung skin mo after using it.


Siyempre I asked them for the price list since price is an important determining factor in buying a product.

For a single 270ml, it is priced at P32.50 for all variants. And for their promo which is 2 x 270ml, it is priced at P55.00 for all variants (P27.50 each). Ang mura di ba? Lalo na yung promo nila kasi lalabas P27.50 lang ang isa.

I went to the supermarket to check the prices of the other brands. Mas cheaper talaga ang Bubble Man. The cheapest product that I saw is priced at P32.25 pero it's only 250ml. Then for the leading brand naman, it is priced at P66.95 for a 250ml bottle (lemon and kalamansi variants) and P76.95 for a 250ml bottle of antibac variant.

For a single 880ml naman, it is priced at P65.00 for all variants. And for their promo 2 x 880ml, it is priced at P120.00 for all variants (P60.00 each).

When I checked the price of the leading brand, the price is P198.50 for an 800ml bottle (lemon and kalamansi variants) and P217.95 for an 800ml bottle of antibac variant.

Ang laki ng price difference ng Bubble Man dishwashing liquid soap sa leading brand di ba? More than triple kung icocompute natin. Tapos mas premium pa kapag antibac. Just imagine kung gaano kalaki ang matitipid di ba?

Where to buy?

I also asked them where I could buy Bubble Dishwashing Liquid Soap. Unfamiliar kasi sa akin and parang hindi ko nakikita sa supermarket where I do my grocery shopping.

According to them, you can buy the product at the following supermarkets/stores:

  • Puregold
  • Walter Mart
  • San Roque Supermarket
  • Gaisano
  • Robinsons Supermarket
  • Mercury Drug
  • Fisher Mall
  • The Landmark
  • LCC
Marami rami na rin pala. So next time aware na ako. Madalas kasi I do my grocery shopping at Makati Supermarket but once in a while I also go to Puregold. 

The Verdict?

I highly recommend Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid! Aside from being effective, it's very very affordable and economical! Plus the fact that it's easy to rinse and very gentle to your hands.

Other than that, remember that it's manufactured by a local company. Gawang Pinoy! So aside from saving a lot of money, we are supporting a local brand too.

Kaya guys, try na!

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