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Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid Soap and The Company Behind It

Since I tried and tested Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid Soap, I will now share some information about the product and the company behind it...


Product Description

"Bubble Man" Dishwashing Liquid is a highly effective kitchen, food premises cleaner and degreaser, safe on virtually all surface (plastics, metal surfaces, ceramics etc).

The chemicals used are:

  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • 97+% of the chemicals used are readily BIODEGRADABLE.
  • Contents are free of sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide is used to balance pH of the formulation, however it causes irritability for your hands and extreme dryness. Sodium hydroxide is used usually for cheaper chemicals.
  • Phosphate-free formula.  STPP (Sodium tripolyphosphate) is a cheaper chemical but is banned in many countries because of its harmful effects to our environment.
  • Long-lasting bubbles help reduces sink water changeover.
  • Effective even at 3% dilution. 30 mL then add water to 1000 mL. For normal use, it could last you for almost 5 days.
  • Easy Rinse - Easy rinse safety specially washing baby bottles. Leaves no soapy residue.
  • Gentle on hands - doesn't remove the natural oils from your skin and doesn't cause irritation and dryness to your skin compared to other harsh formulations.

Commitment to Improve

  • Bubble Man has been improving over the years, from formulation to branding and to its packaging, we continue to improve our product. This is because Mikewell World of Household Products Corp. is dedicated to give you the best, we believe that we can improve the quality of life by having clean homes and a safe environment.
  • From left to right (2006, 2010, 2013)


Quality Formulation 

  • we use quality modern chemicals that are environmentally friendly and effective
  • deigned to rinse easily
  • gentle on hands
Very Good Branding

The name Bubble Man communicates cleaning, quality and fun. We do marketing supports and we actively participate on events together with our business partners (supermarkets, groceries) to create product awareness.

Sustainability Principle

Zero waste principle. Zero water waste. Zero water waste.

Very Economical

Effective even at very low concentration.

Cost Effective

Our price is almost 3x cheaper vs other brands.

We Never Stop Improving

We always change to be better.


  • Appearance: clear liquid
  • Colour: Green, Yellow, Blue
  • Odour: Kalamansi, Lemon, Antibac
  • pH Value: 8.5 +/- 0.5
  • Solubility: Complete soluble in water
  • Packing: PET bottles, PET -12/LLDPE Opaque Pouch


Store in cool and dry place.


880 mL, 55 mL, 270 mL (left to right)


Mikewell World of Household Corporation

"Affordable quality through integrity and innovation"

The Company

More than one year of complete rigid research and development was conducted by two friends and Mikewell World of Household Products Company was born. This company is run by two registered chemical engineers who are graduates of Mapua Institute of Technology: (1) Engr. Michael Sotingco – B.S. Chemical Engineering and Chemistry; (2) Engr. Lowell Holder Lim Jr. – B.S. Chemical Engineering Minor in Management. MIKEWELL W.H.P. CO. was registered under Security Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration No. PG200512061 last August 17, 2005 and is currently holding office at 21 Miller St. Brgy. Bungad, Quezon City. The company started full operations last November 2006.

This two-man team assures the quality of the company’s products – its eco-efficiency and its sustainability from the planning stage to the marketing to the distribution of the products and to product improvement.

Mission Vision

Our Purpose

“5124” – By the year 2024, We will dominate 51% of the market share.

Our Envisioned Future

To improve the Quality of Life by having Clean Home and Safe Environment .



We shall operate within the letter and spirit of the law complying with business and environmental regulations


All personnel involved in the business . will be honest, transparent and straight forward not only with each other but most especially to the products’ end-users.

High Quality and Excellence

We shall work on the basis of sound science, applying rigorous standards of product safety, accurately and properly labeled, advertised and communicated indicating safety precautions for the products’ intended use.

Customer Satisfaction

We shall create and deliver products, packaging, and concepts that build winning brand equities without adding the burdens of cost to the consumers.

Commitment to the Environment

We shall also be committed to continuously improving the way we manage our environmental impacts.

Commitment to the Society

We shall aim to make positive impact in many ways: through our products, through our commercial operations and relationships, through voluntary contributions, and through the various other ways in which we engage with society.

Clientless Market

The company also caters the requirements of different industries namely hospitality industries i.e. hotels, motels, restaurants, industrial, commercial and manufacturing industries particularly the housekeeping needs, car wash establishments, laundry establishments, and leading and small groceries and even “sari-sari” stores.


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