Monday, April 06, 2015

Food Discovery: Jack n' Jill Calbee Jagabee Potato Fries

From my latest trip to the supermarket last Saturday, I discovered a new product of Jack n' Jill. I don't know ha kung bago lang talaga siya, kasi it was my first time to see this product.

It's the Jack n' Jill Calbee Jagabee...

Since I wanted to try it, I bought all the 3 flavors - Classic Salted, Garlic and Cheese flavor. Yes, ganun talaga ako. Lahat talaga ng flavors binili ko para itry. Hahaha!

I first opened the classic salted flavor pack. Siyempre, you always try the classic flavor first! And the verdict? It's a yum yum!!! Kitang kita mo na real potatoes siya. Para lang siyang french fries na air fried.

The only drawback with this product is medyo bitin ang laman ng isang mini pack. Siguro ako I can eat 3 mini packs in one sitting. I tried checking the nutrition facts at the back, medyo mataas ang calorie content niya. Maybe that explains why konti ang laman ng isang mini pack.

Anyway, with the price naman, P62.00 lang siya for the stand up pouch (contains 5 mini packs). Pwede na di ba? Considering na real potatoes siya. Para ka na rin bumili ng large fries sa Mc Do. Hehe.

I haven't tried the other flavors yet. Pero I'm sure masarap din yun. I'll definitely buy packs of these products in my next grocery shopping! =)

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