Friday, February 13, 2015

Food Trip: Amici

We went to DFA Alabang this morning to renew our passports. The whole process should have been less than an hour only since we were in the courtesy lane. BUT, a big big BUT, their system was down from the time DFA opened so we had no choice but to wait for a couple of hours until we finish STEP 3 (taking of passport photo and fingerprint scanning).

Our initial plan is to have lunch at S&R para medyo tipid. Yung tipong one whole cheese pizza lang and one refillable iced tea solved na kami. Since we have to return to DFA after lunch for STEP 3, we just decided to eat at Amici.

It wasn't our first time to eat at Amici but it was like a hundred years ago (no kids yet) since the last time we ate there and that was in their main branch pa in Don Bosco.

Anyway, here are what we ordered:

Trio Platter (Combination of Mozarella Frito, Chicken Tenders and Italian Chips)...


Al Quattro Formaggi (Combination of Mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan and blue cheese)...


Regular Spaghetti Ala Carbonara (Spaghetti pasta tossed in creamy white sauce with Parmesan cheese and bacon bits)...


Slice of Banana Blast Gelato Cake...

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For our drinks, hubby ordered refillable rootbeer while I ordered refillable iced tea (P98.00 each).

Yes, Amici was quite pricey compared to S&R but quality-wise, it's incomparable. You know, you pay for quality ika nga nila. My favorite in what we ordered is their 4 cheese pizza. Hindi niyo naitatanong, my family is such a sucker for a cheese pizza. Whenever we go to an Italian restaurant, hindi mawawala ang cheese pizza. Kaya ngayon, Amici is now added to my Italian restaurant list that serves the best 4 cheese pizza.

That's it! Arouch na naman sa bulsa namin since tagtipid kami ngayon! Well, puwede nang iconsider na family Valentines Day date namin di ba? Hahaha!

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