Saturday, February 14, 2015

Overnight Stay at Cocoon Boutique Hotel

Last Wednesday, hubby and I were privileged to attend a grand launch of a new product of a certain pharmaceutical company in Quezon City. Hence, a free accommodation was provided. We were asked to choose between Luxent Hotel and Cocoon Boutique Hotel. Hubby made me choose which hotel to take. I searched the net and read some of the reviews of both hotels. Since Cocoon Boutique Hotel got a higher rating and had more positive reviews, I chose it.

Let me share you some of the pictures that I took during our stay (except for the first one).

Here is the facade of the hotel...


Since it's just a boutique hotel, the hotel is just small. It's only has 6 floors. Though it's small, it didn't fail to impress us.

Here is the hotel lobby...

How cozy right?

The front desk located at the far end of the hotel lobby...

Elevator lobby (4th floor)...

The elevator lobby is still cozy. I love that they have plants all over the place and they have a mix of new and antique furniture. Ang lamig sa mata!

The hallway going to the hotel rooms...

Super nice rin di ba? Considering that it's only a boutique hotel.

Our room...

I super love their room. As in everything in it! It's very spacious that my kids can roam around inside. Then their bed is huge. Instead of a king sized bed, they used 2 double beds. Hindi kami naging sardinas that night. Hehe.

Mini bar...

You know what? Cocoon Boutique Hotel is an eco-friendly hotel. For their paper materials and pen are made up of recycled paper. Then their complimentary water, it's not in a PET bottle but in a big Mason Jar. Sobrang aliw! Nakakatuwang isipin na they are concerned with mother nature.

Inside the bathroom:

Toilet and bath area...

Wash area...

The bath tub...

Can you spot the towels? They are rolled with hemp like material. The details talaga! I really appreciated it since I'm a detailed-oriented person.

At the sixth floor:

The pool area...

Can you spot the shower area at the back? Ang ganda niyan! They used antique doors and may mga nice fixtures pa inside. Sayang talaga I wasn't able to take some pictures of it.

Abuela's Coffee Shop...

We had our breakfast here. They serve a modified breakfast. Meaning, you'll choose from a menu then only few items are in the buffet (salad, bread, soup, fruits and juice).

So what did we do while waiting for hubby to arrive at the hotel? Ano pa nga ba? Eh di nagswimming! Hehehe!

My excited kiddos...

The Kulilits having fun in the pool...

Cocoon Boutique Hotel did not fail us! I made the right choice. Everything is nice and beautiful. As I mentioned earlier, madetalye ang hotel na ito which made me in-love with it. Tapos sinamahan pa ng very courteous and friendly hotel staff. Two thumbs up talaga!

Kaya guys, if you are looking for a nice hotel to stay somewhere in Timog, Quezon City, I highly recommend this hotel. I'm sure that you'll like it too. =)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Food Trip: Amici

We went to DFA Alabang this morning to renew our passports. The whole process should have been less than an hour only since we were in the courtesy lane. BUT, a big big BUT, their system was down from the time DFA opened so we had no choice but to wait for a couple of hours until we finish STEP 3 (taking of passport photo and fingerprint scanning).

Our initial plan is to have lunch at S&R para medyo tipid. Yung tipong one whole cheese pizza lang and one refillable iced tea solved na kami. Since we have to return to DFA after lunch for STEP 3, we just decided to eat at Amici.

It wasn't our first time to eat at Amici but it was like a hundred years ago (no kids yet) since the last time we ate there and that was in their main branch pa in Don Bosco.

Anyway, here are what we ordered:

Trio Platter (Combination of Mozarella Frito, Chicken Tenders and Italian Chips)...


Al Quattro Formaggi (Combination of Mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan and blue cheese)...


Regular Spaghetti Ala Carbonara (Spaghetti pasta tossed in creamy white sauce with Parmesan cheese and bacon bits)...


Slice of Banana Blast Gelato Cake...

photo from

For our drinks, hubby ordered refillable rootbeer while I ordered refillable iced tea (P98.00 each).

Yes, Amici was quite pricey compared to S&R but quality-wise, it's incomparable. You know, you pay for quality ika nga nila. My favorite in what we ordered is their 4 cheese pizza. Hindi niyo naitatanong, my family is such a sucker for a cheese pizza. Whenever we go to an Italian restaurant, hindi mawawala ang cheese pizza. Kaya ngayon, Amici is now added to my Italian restaurant list that serves the best 4 cheese pizza.

That's it! Arouch na naman sa bulsa namin since tagtipid kami ngayon! Well, puwede nang iconsider na family Valentines Day date namin di ba? Hahaha!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kulilits Moments: A Lot More!!!

I'd love to share more conversations with my boys...

Scenario 1: Je Ann to be Married

We are teasing Chris that Je Ann will marry her boyfriend...

Me: Chris, Ate Je Ann will already marry her boyfriend.
Chris (almost crying): I don't want Ate Je Ann to marry her boyfriend!
Je Ann: Why don't you like me to get married?
Chris: Because... Because you are cooking our food and washing the dishes!

Niyek! Kaya pala ayaw niya ipakasal si Ate Je Ann niya dahil wala na siyang taga luto and taga hugas ng pinggan! Sabi nga ni Je Ann, akala pa naman niya love siya kaya ayaw siya ipakasal. Hahaha!

Scenario 2: Phone Conversation with Chris

When we were in the seminar, I called the house to check on the Kulilits and Chris was the one who answered the phone...

Chris: Hello!
Me: Hello there my son!
Chris: Who is this?
Me: This is mommy, anak.
Chris: Is this Cheryll?
Me: Yes.
Chris: Ate Je Ann, Cheryll is on the phone!

Talaga nga naman itong anak ko. Americanized? By first name talaga ang tawag sa akin! Wala man lang 'Mommy Cheryll'. Hmf!

Scenario 3: Boobies

When we were about to sleep...

Ian (pointing to my boobs): Mommy, what's this?
Me: Boobies
Ian: Why is it big?
Me: Because I'm a girl, anak.
Ian: So all girls have big boobies and boys have small boobies.
Me: Yes
Ian: Why does it have milk?
Me: Because I'm a mother
Ian: Mommy, my Tita Ninang has big boobies.
Me: Who?
Ian (referring to his Ninang Monique): The mommy of Kuya Gab!
Me: Ikaw talaga anak... Matulog ka na nga!

Talaga nga naman itong anak ko oh, napaka-observant! Sa lahat naman ng ma-oobserve, boobs pa!

Scenario 4: Steak

While teaching the boys about Go, Grow and Glow food...

Me: For grow foods, you just have to remember eggs, meats and milk. There are different kinds of meat. Fish, chicken, pork, beef and other seafoods. This steak is an example of meat. It's beef... but we are not eating that...
Chris: Only Doc Padu?

Natawa talaga ako sa anak ko! Nakita na naman ang daddy niya.

Scenario 5: Girlfriend

While playing pretend using a toy cellphone...

Me: Hello Chris! Do you have a girlfriend?
Chris: I don't want a girlfriend! I only want you mommy!
Ian (as kontrabida as ever): I want a girlfriend mommy!
Me: So you want a girlfriend, Ian?
Ian: Yes. I want a girlfriend who knows how to cook.
Me: So you like Ate Je Ann as your girlfriend?
Ian: No! I want a nice girlfriend!
Me: Why? Isn't Ate Je Ann nice?
Ian: No! She has ugly teeth!

Wow! Choosy ang anak ko! Kaya sa mga future girls na pipila sa anak ko, tandaan niyo, one criteria na hanap niya is having a good set of teeth. Hehehe!

Scenario 6: Vajajay

Before going to bed...

Me: Wait! I'll just go to the CR.
Ian: Why mommy?
Me: I'll just wash my...
Ian: Wash what? Your vajajay?
Chris: You're going to wash your vajajay mommy?
Ian: Hehehe! Vajajay...

Mga pilyong bata!

Scenario 7: Artista

One time, medyo tinoyo si Chris at nag-inarte because I didn't allow him to play with his collector's item toy. May pahikbi hikbi pang nalalaman. Dineadma ko lang and pagbalik ko galing sa kusina...

Chris (with all smiles): Hi mommy! I'm just being an artista!
Me: Really? Why did you say that?
Chris: I'm just being an artista when I cried because I want the M&M's car!

Kanino kaya nagmana? Sige anak, go! Mag-artista ka para matupad ang pangarap ng daddy mo! Hahaha!

Yan lang po for now... Ipon muna ulit ako ng kuwento. Goodnight everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Christoff's 1st Birthday Party: Kids' Bento Boxes - Oh, Bento!

Since I'm a very detailed person, pati ang kiddie meal kinareer ko. Para maiba naman, I ordered Pocoyo themed bento boxes.

Here are the bento boxes for the kids...

Ang cute ano? Ang dami ding natuwa dito. Hindi lang kids pati oldies. Hehe.

I got Oh, Bento! as the supplier. I had no problems with the supplier because she is very easy to deal with.

If you want themed bento boxes for your party, I highly recommend Oh, Bento!

Here are the contact details:

Oh, Bento!

Instagram: @ohbentoph
Contact Nos.: 09478999556 and 6590617

Christoff's 1st Birthday Party: Souvenirs - Wooden Kiddie Stools and A Lot More

Aside from the loot bags, we chose to have kiddie stools as Christoff's birthday party souvenirs. At siyempre, Pocoyo themed pa rin ang stools. =) There are five designs which are all characters of the Pocoyo show.

Here they are...

Our supplier is Wooden Kiddie Stools and A Lot More. This supplier is very easy to deal with. Fast lang ang transaction namin. As in very smooth. Then when it comes to the finished product, on time sila. When you say na need mo ng ganitong date, talagang ready na siya that day. Yun nga lang, for pick up ang mga order sa kanila plus the fact na may kalayuan sa house namin. They are located kasi sa Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City. Thanks to Waze at nahanap namin sila! Hehe!

But still... we highly recommend this supplier!

Here are the contact details:

Wooden Kiddie Stools and A Lot More

Mobile No.: 09178092571

Christoff's 1st Birthday Party: Party Stylist and Candy Buffet - Kids Party Hub

Hello there again! I'm not yet done with my son's 1st birthday series. Sorry naman! Haha!

Anyway, for Christoff's birthday party, I got an event's stylist. Gaya nga ng sinabi ko before, ayaw ko na kasi ma-stress. The event's stylist really did a big help sa party. Nagkakulay ang place and nagpadagdag sa saya ng party.

My supplier is Kids Party Hub. Very professional ang may-ari which is Christine Cordero. Super bait niya and wala na talaga akong inintindi. =)

I got the events styling with dessert and candy buffet package. It includes the welcome banner, backdrop, centerpiece and dessert & candy buffet.

Let me show you some of the pictures:

The welcome banner...

Medyo nahirapan sila dito patayuin since mahangin yung place kaya may mga stones sa ilalim. Hehe.

The backdrop...

The centerpiece...

I really loved the centerpiece because it's very personalized. There are different pictures kasi of Christoff in each table which serves as souvenir na rin.

The dessert and candy buffet...

The dessert & candy buffet was really a hit at Christoff's party. Tuwang tuwa ang mga guests ko dito. At first, I'm really wondering bakit hindi nila ginagalaw. Pero nung nag-announce na ako na pwede silang kumuha. Aba, biglang dinumog. Malaman laman ko, inaabangan pala nila talaga! Hehehe!

The items in the dessert & candy buffet...

Ang nice and cute ano?

I highly recommend Kids Party Hub!

Here are the contact details:

Kids Party Hub
Owner: Christine Cordero
Twitter/Instagram: @KidsPartyHub
Mobile No.: 09228812232

Monday, February 02, 2015

Ian and Chris' 4th Birthday Celebration

It was Ian and Chris' birthday yesterday. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon. Parang kailan lang, we were just waiting for a baby. Then after 4 years of marriage, we were pregnant with twins, tapos ngayon 4 years old na sila. Haaaayyyy buhay nga naman.

We had a simple and intimate celebration yesterday. Nung una, I was just planning to buy food na lang for their handa. You know, less preparation and pagod. At dahil may pagkamasukista ako, it turned out na ako na lang ang nagluto ng lahat except for the cake, of course. Hehe!

Here were the handa of the twins:

Cakes from Daisee Bakeshop...

Pansit bihon...

Steamed Lapu Lapu...

Buttered steamed vegetables...

Stir fried kangkong with fried tofu...

Salmon belly with butter garlic sauce...

Turbo chicken...

Here are my family and best friend celebrating the twins' special day...

My parents, brother and his girlfriend with the boys...

Our family picture...

With Uncle Francis, Kuya Bimbo and Ai...

The effort was worth it seeing my boys happy! =)