Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Christoff's Passport Application

This is a super long overdue blog post. This experience was last April pa. Alam niyo naman, naging napakabusy ng lola niyo the past few months. Anyway, I think this is worth sharing pa rin naman. =)

So here it goes...

I applied Christoff a passport at DFA Alabang Town Center. Actually, ini-sched ko pa siya sa DFA website which hindi naman pala kailangan. Kapag infant pala, you can go to DFA anytime basta dala mo lang lahat ng requirements. Wala nang pila pila basta you can go directly to the Senior Citizen/Pregnant/Infant lane.

Well, I was at DFA Alabang Town Center wala pang 9:00am. Ayaw ko na kasing pumila eh (I thought kasi that time need ko pa pumila). I was there early pero eto na kaagad ang pila na naabutan ko...

Pero, like what I have said earlier, hindi na ako nakipila diyan since infant pa si Christoff. So by the time binuksan na yung gate, isa ako sa mga nauna na sa taas. Kasama ko yung ibang mga senior citizen.

Since nauna na nga ako, wala pang katao tao sa waiting area that time...

Kaya ayun, I went directly inside the DFA na...

I was not able to take pictures inside DFA because they don't allow it. Anyway, it only took us less than 30 minutes for the whole passport application process. Ang bilis right? Kaya guys, if you are planning to apply your babies (infants - less than 1 year old) a passport, I suggest first thing in the morning kayo pumunta para first kayo sa pila. As in walang ka-hassle hassle talaga!

Here's Christoff's passport picture...

Ang liit pa niya dyan ano? He was like just 4 months old that time. =)

By the way, before I forget, since I'm the one who processed Christoff's passport application, here are the only requirements they got from us (from DFA website):

  • Personal appearance of the minor applicant
  • Personal appearance of either parent (if minor is a legitimate child)
  • Original birth certificate of minor in Security Paper issued by NSO or certified true copy of birth certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar and duly authenticated by NSO.
  • Marriage certificate of minor's parents duly authenticated by NSO
  • Original and photocopy of valid passport of either parent (if minor is a legitimate child) / of mother (if minor is an illegitimate child) or identification documents

That's it guys! I hope nakahelp ako sa inyo. =)

Christoff's 10th Month Celebration

We celebrated Christoff's 10th month at home. Below are our handa...

I bought cake from Goldilocks and I cooked pansit bihon, chicken bbq, baked bangus and pork caldereta.

Here are some of our pictures:

Christoff's solo pictures...

Obligatory family picture...

and a picture with Lola Es...

It was just a simple celebration. Kami kami lang as usual. By the way, Mama G and Tita Ai dropped by also. =)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Food Trip: Cerealicious Cafe

Since we transferred to our new home, I've been seeing the Cerealicious Cafe around. Nakaka-attract lang talaga yung colors ng cafe kaya I got curious to try it. Actually, ang tagal ko na niyayaya si hubby to try it, kaso lang he always go home late na. Kaya ayun, one fine afternoon, niyakag ko ang aking mga Kulilits and we tried it ourselves.

I ordered a Blockbuster size of Charlie and the Chocnut Factory with a scoop of vanilla ice cream...


This is a mix of Milo balls, Bananas and Chocnut. Like ko kasi ang bananas and Chocnut eh that's why I ordered this. I loved my order. Ang sarap lang talaga ng mix ng mga ingredients plus very smooth yung ice shavings. Yun nga lang I find it medyo matabang considering I got a full sugar level. Apart from that, medyo bitin ako. Hehe. Di ko alam, baka malakas lang talaga kasi ako kumain lalo pa na cold item ito. Hahaha!

For the price of their cereals, I think it's pricey for me kasi nga bitin ako kahit blockbuster size na kinuha ko. Pero personal opinion ko lang naman yun ha. Hehe. =)

For the boys naman, Ian ordered Blackforest Frappe while Chris ordered Mango Yogurt drink...

I got both of them a large drink kasi konti lang naman ang difference dun sa smaller na size. For Ian, he super liked his drink. Ayaw nga mamigay eh. Hahaha! Pero siyempre tinikman ko pa rin. Masarap naman pala talaga kaya ayaw mamigay. Hehehe. For Chris naman, hindi niya siguro masyadong type kasi may natira siyang kaunti. I tasted it, ummmm... medyo lasang gamot for me.

For the price of their drinks naman, sulit naman siya since nasa less than P100.00 lang ang mga price for the large size.

Overall, we had a great experience at Cerealicious Cafe. Probably, we'll go back for their cold drinks! =)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Christoff's 9th Month Celebration

Here muna is my blog post after being MIA (missing in action) for such a long time...

We celebrated Christoff's 9th month at our new house already. It was just a simple one. Dinaan ko lang sa presentation para at least magmukhang bongga. Hahaha.

Here are our handa that night:

L-R: Daddy's Chicken Toasted Siopao, Plain Rice, Spanish Sardines Pasta,
Chicken Lumpia, Turbo Chicken and Cake 

I love our counter. Dual purpose siya. It serves as breakfast nook as well as buffet table whenever there is a party. =)

Here are our photos with the birthday boy:

With mommy and daddy...

Our family...

Wacky pose with Mama G, Lola Es and Lolo Em...

So that's it! We really had fun celebrating Christoff's 9th month. =)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hello Again, Blogosphere!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking! Hahaha!

Finally, may internet na kami!!! Yahoo!!! Long story, grabe. From Globe DSL kasi, we changed our provider to PLDT. 

So ayan, makakapagkwento na ulit ako. =) At least, natapos na ang renovation ng house namin plus ang aming paglilipat. Kaya ayan, medyo magiging visible na ulit ako. =)

See you around guys!!!