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Acupuncture Manila

By Dr. Ryan Nino C. Padua

        As a medical practitioner, I do have my share of frustrating instances wherein my knowledge and training fell short of cracking a certain case wide open. Hence, I always kept an open mind and explored possibilities that lay outside my realm.However, I am wary of practitioners and/or endorsers who peddle their herbal concoctions as a panacea to man’s ills.Therefore, my openness is guarded by a healthy amount of skepticism and doubt.

Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to interact with a practitioner who sees western and traditional medicine as yin & yang and not fire and ice. His name is Philip Nino Tan-Gatue, MD, CAc, CMA. A Clinical Associate Professor of UP College of Medicine and the Director of the Acupuncture Services at The Medical City. Having studied at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and further trained at the Xuanwu Municipal Hospital and in the First Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can certainly say he’s the top-honcho in the Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine here in the Philippines.

So what is Acupuncture? To anyone (including me) that entails sticking in needles at specific points of the body to tap into its ‘Chi’ and therefore induce relief (from pain or ailment)or to render a person catatonic akin to how it was used by assassins in Kung Fu moviesThe scientific’ view was to stimulate nerves so as to lessen pain. To my embarrassment, during the discussion that idea turned out to be too pedestrianand therefore betray my ignorance of the subject. Luckily, I didn’t blurt it out and afterwards did my own research for my own enlightening.

Acupuncture, as defined by Dr. Tan-Gatue, is a form of controlled stimulation wherein the nerves A-delta fibers are stimulated giving off the “qi” sensation. As the needle stays in, and as it is removed, it creates an inflammatory response mild enough to entice the whole immune system to do restorative repair (akin to how sleep acts to restore the body). As a form of therapy, Acupuncture can be used primarily for musculoskeletal and pain conditions but what surprised me is its applicability to other medical conditions wherein contemporary mind-set dictates therapy with pharmaceutical agents. One example given by Dr. Tan-Gatue is on Chronic Kidney Disease. With acupuncture working IN TANDEM with the attending nephrologist’s protocol he was able to help in keeping that patient’s creatinine stable. Mind you, he applied Acupuncture as an ADJUNCT to existing medical therapy.

          To clarify my point better, can you imagine The Beatles with John Lennon being replaced by Paul McCartney? Or Led Zeppelin with Robert Plant being replaced by Jimmy Page? In other words, Acupuncture (or the ‘Alternative’ Medicine) and Western Contemporary medicine must be viewed as yin and yang which complements each other to create one harmonious whole. This doesn’t involve acupuncture alone but the whole gamut of Traditional Chinese (TCM) and Alternative Medicinegiven that we also have our own herbal (and at times mystical) approaches to disease and infirmity. Now how do we integrate two entirely different worlds into one cohesive approach? Simple. Semantics.

           Eastern and Western medicine started roughly at the same time and evolved roughly at the same pace until the 18th century wherein western medicine became the forefront (given that it is widely disseminated and heavily researched). Eastern medicine also evolved but only became mainstream late when it became apparent that Western medicine wasn’t invincible as previously believed. Unbeknownst to many, Eastern medicine is tackling the SAME human body and the SAME diseases but with different approaches that were distilled through history and made effective with time. Labels and techniques were different but the principles and outcomes were relatively the same. Kind of like thinking outside the box and coming up with novel solutions to old problems. That’s how Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Contemporary Medicine are alike as much as they are different.

            As for me, that is the essential point Dr. Philip Nino Tan-Gatue was trying to convey. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicines are NOT health fads or last resort for western medicine case failures. Rather, it should be regarded as a worthy ally in the search for treatments to rid humanity of disease and infirmity. We should keep in mind that contemporary western medicine owed its roots to traditional or historical medicine, no matter which general direction it hailed from.

          To know more about Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Philip Nino Tan-Gatue holds clinic at the following centers:

Manila Acupuncture Clinic UP-PGH
Rm. 208 University Physicians Medical Center
University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital
Tue & Fri 4-6pm
Contact Sheena +639499377888708-0000 loc 160

Accupuncture Services
6th floor, Center for Wellness and Aesthetics
The Medical City
Mon & Wed 2-5pm
6356789 loc 6576

Peak Form
Unit 807, The Infinity Building
26th Street Bonifacio Global City

Oasis Acupuncture Clinic
Centro Maginhawa
97 Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village East, Quezon City

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Lactacyd: Anne Curtis Reveals 'The Gifted' Joys of Femininity

Talented, glamorous, funny and smart. What’s not to like or love about actress Anne Curtis? But just when you think you already s aw the best of her in her many blockbuster films and TV titular roles, Anne makes buzz anew on the big screen with an “enormous” starring role in Viva Films’ new dark comedy movie, “The Gifted.”

With a new film and a successful showbiz career spanning 17 years, Anne is indeed on top of her league. But what makes the “Annebisyosa” so interesting to the public eye? The secret perhaps lies in the way she exudes grace, strength and confidence -- ideals of a multi-faceted modern woman that Lactacyd, the world’s the expert on feminine hygiene, pays tribute to in its latest range of intimate care solutions.

Made from natural and mild milk-based ingredients (lactoserum and lactic acid) the latest range of Lactacyd feminine products now offers more choices with distinct beneficial enhancers that match the various personalities, lifestyles and hygienic care needs of today’s contemporary women.

As a celebrity icon, a concert artist, TV host and product endorser, Anne is definitely no stranger to such demanding mix of shifting roles, both in reel and real life. According to the 29-year-old actress, every woman can still be at her best self amid hectic daily routines and  lifestyles.

“Personally, I make sure to bring out my best in all performances, whether they are on television, film, and even in real life. To do so, I have to be always healthy and confident, and that includes taking good care of myself so I could be consistently on top of my game and focused in everything that I do,” said Anne, who has been Lactacyd’s endorser since 2012.

Like Anne, each woman has her own beautiful personal journey: whether as a doting mother, a high-flying career woman, or a young achiever, she needs a constant care partner to keep her fresh and clean all throughout so she can go with her everyday activities worry-free.

Understanding these unique needs, Lactacyd translates these via a full range of products that best suits every woman’s delicate hygiene needs:
Protecting - the classic variant that keeps itching, irritation and odor away via its delicate and  caring properties

Revitalize - the feminine wash with Vitamin E and collagen ingredients to enhance skin softness, suppleness and firmness

White Intimate – a natural and safe lightening feminine wash that lightens the bikini area within 4 weeks1

All-Day Care - formerly known as Lactacyd Fresh Radiance, for everyday protection and freshness

Cool and Fresh - which promotes cooling and longer-lasting freshness2 against heat and feeling of stickiness in the intimate area
Lactacyd’s new feminine care range celebrates the joys and gentle spirit of femininity that is unique and wonderful in every woman. With five variants to choose from, Lactacyd empowers all types of women to be the best kind of woman they can be.

1. Based on clinical trial, June 2011.
2. Based on product use test, Singapore, Sept-Oct 2012.

Lactacyd: Unique Care For Every Woman

Lactacyd brings fresh look, more ‘personal’ dimension to intimate care with latest range of feminine care solutions

Intimate care is an essential aspect of every woman’s health and well-being. In addition to preventing irritation, odor, itching and other discomforts, practicing proper hygiene is also an effective prevention against infections.  Understanding that these hygienic necessities are unique, sensitive and special in their own ways, Lactacyd, the feminine hygiene expert, gives a more “personalized” approach to intimate care with its new range of benefit-enriched solutions.

With 25 years of experience, Lactacyd formally unveiled its latest range in the Philippines with no less than top model, TV and movie actress Anne Curtis, Lactacyd’s brand ambassador since 2012. The press launch was held recently at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, with company officials, VIPs, and select media in attendance.

Five choices for today’s modern women

Carrying the brand’s promise to provide safe and natural care, the latest range of Lactacyd now offers more choices and distinct benefits that match the various personalities, lifestyles and hygienic care needs of today’s modern women. Made from natural and mild milk-based ingredients, lactoserum and lactic acid – Lactacyd’s unique formulation complements a woman’s pH while effectively helping to prevent irritation and problems caused by bacteria.

For pure cleansing, Lactacyd Protecting is perfect for women who may experience irritation as a result of daily activities and humidity. Thanks to lactoserum and lactic acid, this classic Lactacyd keeps itching, irritation and odor away through its delicate caring properties.

Meanwhile, Lactacyd White Intimate is a whitening feminine wash that provides women with safe and clinically-tested cleansing with effective lightening of the bikini area.   Made with natural plant-based Actipone-B, marine-based Algowhite, and milk-ingredients, Lactacyd White Intimate gently lightens the intimate area within 4 weeks1 that’s why it’s preferred by 9 out of 10 Asian women2.

For youth-reviving benefits, Lactacyd Revitalize is an innovative feminine wash that goes beyond cleansing. Promoting both skin elasticity and softness, it has Vitamin E and collagen which are known ingredients to enhance skin softness, suppleness and firmness. Users claim to achieve 90% skin youthfulness in just 10 days3.

Life becomes more breezy for women with Lactacyd All-Day Care (formerly known as Lactacyd Fresh Radiance), as it provides them with just the right amount of everyday cleansing. This variant combines natural milk extracts with light floral scent that gently cleanses and refreshes the intimate area. It also comes in handy All-Day Care Wipes for on-the-go feminine care.

The brand’s latest variant, Lactacyd Cool and Fresh, helps women stay pleasantly protected and confident with its longer-lasting freshness4. Made with menthol essences and milk extracts, this clear and mildly soothing variant effectively provides cooling and longer-lasting freshness against the sticky-icky feeling down there.

“Lactacyd understands that each woman is unique, and with needs different from one another; especially when it comes to intimate care. This is why we now have a wide range of products to meet women's intimate care needs that go beyond cleansing. This new range also comes in a new look to showcase the different benefits we offer; thus making it easier for the women to choose which Lactacyd is best for them," said Aldellyn Po, Franchise Manager for Lactacyd.

“By staying true to our brand belief, we have empowered generations of women to stay healthy and feel confident with products that offer cleanliness, freshness, and comfort for the confidence every woman needs to bring out her best,” said Charlene Banzal, Business Unit Director for Sanofi Consumer Health Care.

The latest Lactacyd intimate care range is now available in leading drugstores, supermarkets and beauty shops nationwide. For more information, visit or follow by liking its Facebook and Instagram pages (womantalks).

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4. Based on product use test, Singapore, Sept-Oct 2012.

Lactacyd: Intimate Journeys, Different Stories

No two women are alike.

Every woman has her own story.

She embarks on her personal journey daily. Whether she balances her time for work, play, family and everything else that comes in between, she needs the perfect companion to accompany her in her everyday adventure of choice.

Lactacyd understands that every woman has distinct needs. That is why Lactacyd came up with a full range of feminine care that suits the different types of women best.

A woman with style, grace and power. With attitude that matches her attitude , she knows what she wants and puts premium in what she needs. She needs a companion like Lactacyd Protecting, or the Classic variant, which special lactoserum and lactic acid formulation offers protection from odor and itching to keep up with her every day journey to the top. Whether at work or play, she's secured that she's well-taken care of.

For women who like keeping things simple and breeze through life with the greatest of ease, her journey can be best enjoyed with the Lactacyd All-Day Care. A back-to basics approach to feminine hygiene, this lightly-scented variant contains natural milk extracts that gently cleanse and refresh the intimate area.  It offers whole day freshness for ladies who just want to make the most out of life. It also comes in handy All-Day Care Feminine Wipes sachet for on-the-go hygiene care.

Some women like to show off. For women who like to flaunt their fabulousness and bask in the limelight, the Lactacyd White Intimate is the perfect companion for this “It” girl. Providing hypoallergenic and dermatologically-safe lightening, this variant is made with natural whitening ingredients: plant-based Actipone-B and marine-based Algowhite to gently lighten the skin around the intimate area. Never be afraid to show off some (or even more) skin and embark on daring adventures with this intimate care variant -- a natural and safe whitening feminine wash that is preferred by 9 out of 10 Asian women1 because of its proven lightening effects in the bikini area in just four weeks2.

Age is but a number for women who are continuously on the go and live fast-paced lives. Prone to premature ageing, they need Lactacyd Revitalize, an intimate care product that goes beyond cleansing and help bring 90% skin youthfulness back in just 10 days3. The feminine wash with Vitamin E and collagen that enhances skin softness and firmness, its moisturizing effects make skin soft and supple to touch -- keeping women on top of their game while feeling (and looking) young all over again.

A ray of sunshine. A burst of happiness. For women who like to enjoy life to the fullest, they need an intimate care partner that will make them feel fresh and cool, longer. The Lactacyd Cool and Fresh variant promises a refreshing day all through out to keep the mood up when the temperature rises. Made with a special combination of milk extracts and menthol essences, this mildly soothing variant not only provides best cleansing and protection, but also natural cooling essences to give longer freshness4 against heat and feeling of stickiness in the intimate area.

So what's your story?

Take Lactacyd to your next journey.

You know what's best for you.

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