Saturday, May 17, 2014

Christoff's 5th Month at Qaldi

How time flies. Christoff is already 5 months. At five months, he...

  • already mastered rolling to his tummy
  • laughs, giggles and squeals loudly
  • is babbling a lot
  • already have two teeth
  • can stand flat with support
  • loves to eat his hands/fingers
  • wants to play a lot
  • enjoys seeing himself in the mirror

Here is the birthday boy ready to celebrate his birthday...

And guess where we celebrated his 5th month?

We celebrated it at Qaldi Coffee Bar & Cyber Cafe. It's a new cafe in the south located in Muntinlupa. I had a chance to taste their food the other day and I liked it a lot that's why I asked hubby to celebrate Christoff's 5th month there so that he could try the food as well.

We ordered the following:

Grilled Egg & Cheese...

P 95.00

Classic Pesto (a la carte)...

P 175.00

Carbonara (a la carte)...

P 175.00

Greek Pork...

P 110.00

Mini Chocolate Ganache Cake...

P 175.00

Banana Smoothie (kabeer)...

P 145.00

Chocolate Smoothie (kabeer)...

P 145.00

Sheikh Almond Nut Mocha (sageer)...

P 105.00

Di naman masyadong marami ang inorder namin right? Haha! Guess what? Mura lang yan. Sa dami ng order namin, inabot lang siya ng P1,095.00. In terms of food quality, quantity, taste and price plus the cafe's ambiance, sulit na nakain namin. Please watch out for my blog post about Qaldi Coffee Bar & Cyber Cafe soon.

Anyway, here I am with the Kulilits singing a birthday song for Christoff. Sorry about the face of Christoff, ginising lang kasi namin siya kaya medyo grouchy. Hehe!

and siyempre hindi mawawala ang family picture...

So there you go... Good night guys!

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