Monday, April 07, 2014

BBB Project

Remember, I have a secret project that I mentioned in my blog post here. Well, it's our BBB or Balik Bayan Box project.

Why Balik Bayan Box?

That is because we want to grant our parents' wish to receive a Balik Bayan Box from their own children.

I remembered kasi the exchange of comments of my mom and my MIL way way back. It's like my mom is making parinig to my brother, who lives in the US, that she never received a Balik Bayan Box from him. Na tipong kailan kaya raw siya makakatanggap ng Balik Bayan Box. Then my MIL also commented na pareho lang daw sila ni mother kasi she never received also a Balik Bayan Box from my brother-in-law who is working in Singapore. Hehe.

So there, I mentioned to my mom na ako na lang kaya ang magpadala sa kanya ng Balik Bayan Box. She thought that I was just kidding but sinerioso ko yun. As in kinareer ko ang BBB project.

Ilang months rin namin pinag-ipunan ni husband ang laman ng box ha. Every time we do grocery shopping, I made sure that I'll buy something also for the boxes. Ang hirap pala magpuno ng balik bayan box ano? Sabi ko nga kay hubby mukhang napasubo kami. Hehe.

Anyway, seeing our parents' reactions when they received their balik bayan boxes is PRICELESS. Worth it lahat ng effort namin. =)

First, when I brought the box to my parents' house. It was very late in the evening na that time. My mom thought that the box came from my brother. She wouldn't believe that it came from us. Nakatanggap na rin daw siya sa wakas ng balik bayan box. Hehe!

She even posted it on Facebook...

The next delivery is to my in-laws. My FIL thought na nag-grocery lang kami. Di rin sila makapaniwala na bigay namin sa kanila yung box. Hehe.

Here are the photos of my in-laws with their box via hubby's Instagram account:

Balikbayan Box from the Pinas...

Pangkabuhayan package...

Ang sarap lang ng feeling when we saw our parents very happy when we surprised them with the boxes. =)

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