Sunday, March 09, 2014

Usapang Mag-Asawa: Ramen

Earlier, we went to Puregold Molito to buy some stuff. Inside Molito Complex, there were ramen houses such as Ramen Yushoken and a new one which I forgot the name. Since hubby is a noodle lover, we had this little conversation:

Me: Be, tignan mo o! Nagsulputan na dito ang mga ramen houses. May bago na naman! (Be, look! There are a lot of ramen houses here. There's even a new one!)
Doc Padu: Tara! Kain tayo ng ramen! (Come on! Let's eat some ramen!)
Me: Sige, bibilhan na l ang kita ng Nissin sa supermarket! (Okay, I'll just buy some Nissin at the supermarket!)
Doc Padu: Nissin's?!
Me: Oo, ramen naman yun di ba? NISSIN RAMEN! (Yes, that's ramen right? NISSIN RAMEN!)

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