Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lola Es' Surprises for the Kulilits

Lola Es loves to give the Kulilits surprises - from the simplest things to lavish ones. Whenever she sees something that she thinks the Kulilits would like or love, she will definitely buy it. She loves to see the joy in her Kambalistik apo's (twin grandchildren) faces every time she gives them gifts. Those "excited" faces plus sweet "thank you's" that makes her heart jump with joy.

Like the other week, she sent a pack of Marie biscuits to the Kulilits through hubby...

When hubby gave the pack of biscuits to the Kulilits, I asked them to call their Lola and thank her personally. They both thank their Lola by saying: "Thank you for the biscuits Lola Es! I love you!" Aren't they the sweetest?

Another batch of surprises for the Kulilits were given by Lola Es this afternoon when she visited us. She gave the Kulilits Spiderman toothbrushes which they really loved. Have I mentioned to you that Spiderman is their favorite superhero? By the way, they immediately opened their new toothbrushes after I took this photo...

Chris & Ian with their new toothbrushes

Lola Es also gave them new blankets. Superman for Chris and Batman for Ian. Good thing that the Kulilits did not fight over the Spider blanket. Hehe!

To Lola Es...

Thank you very much for visiting the boys! Thank you for spending hours playing with them. Thank you also for the goodies that you gave them. We really appreciate it, specially the boys. We love you!

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