Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kulilits Moments: Sali to Sally

During our homeschool this morning, MJ (Kulilits' playmate) looked into our window and asked if he could join us...

MJ: Papasok! (Please let me in!)
Ian and Chris (pointing their fingers to MJ): Mommy, look! MJ!
Me: We can't let him in yet because we are still studying.
MJ (persistent): Sali! Sali ako! (I want to join you!)
Ian (went to the window with his furrowed eyebrows): No, Sally!
MJ (still persistent): Sali! Sali! (I want to join you!)
Chris (went to the window): There is no Sally here. Only Ate Je Ann!
Me (laughing out loud): That's not what he meant. It is "sali" not "Sally". Sali is the Tagalog word for join. MJ wants to join us.

Waaaaahhh!!! Je Ann and I really laughed out loud. The Kulilits thought that MJ was referring to Sally, the house help of my mom. Well, that only means that I need to teach the Kulilits more Tagalog. =)

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