Thursday, February 13, 2014

SWAG: Pre-Valentine's Day Sweets

Since Valentine's day is already near, sweets are very in. Even Doc Padu has been receiving some pre-Valentine's day gifts from med reps and his patients.

Here are some:


This was given by a loyal patient at hubby's Healthy Lifestyle Center clinic. According to hubby, his patient just came from Hong Kong. And guess what? The patient saw hubby play at the Bet on Your Baby last January 25. Hehehe!

Purple Oven Revel Bars...

This was given by a med rep at hubby's Olivarez General Hospital clinic. My son, Ian, was so happy when he saw what's inside the box.

Variety pack of  Toblerone...

This was given by a med rep at hubby's Sta. Rosa Hospital and Medical Center clinic. It was so funny when hubby handed it over to me...

Doc Padu (hiding the Toblerone at his back): Bebe, I have a surprise for you...
Me: What is it?
Doc Padu (handing the Toblerone to me): Happy Valentine's Day
Me: San ito nanggaling? (From whom did this come from?)
Doc Padu (saying jokingly while scratching his head): Ay walanghiya, di man lang nag-thank you. Ang tanong kaagad saan nanggaling. (Oh crap, you did not even say thank you. The first thing that you did is ask me from whom this came from.)
Me: Alam ko naman talaga na hindi ikaw ang bumili nito eh dahil hindi naman ako chocolate lover. Eh di kung ikaw ang bumili nito, ibig sabihin hindi mo ako kilala. (I know that you did not buy this for me because I'm not a chocolate lover. If ever you did, it just means to say that you don't know me.)
Doc Padu: Sabagay... (Well...)

To my hubby's dear patients and med reps, many many thanks to all the gifts that your are giving my hubby. =)

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