Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Prophet Sadhu's Prophecy to the Philippines

When I checked my Twitter, I saw that the number one trending topic is #PrayForPangasinan. I got curious so I read the tweets under that topic. From the tweets, I learned about Prophet Sadhu and his prophecy to the Philippines. Again, I got curious so I searched for his prophecy on YouTube.

Let me share it to you...

Scary right? Actually, I got goosebumps while watching it because we've experienced some calamities already at the exact places that Prophet Sadhu mentioned such as Samar, Leyte, Mindoro, Palawan, etc.

Now, it was in the news last night  that there is this certain mysterious flesh-eating skin disease in Pangasinan.

Check on this...

Pangasinan was also mentioned in the prophecy which coincidentally matched what has been happening there right now.

What do you think? Is the prophecy of Prophet Sadhu true?

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