Saturday, February 01, 2014

Kulilits Moments: Unexpected Comments by Chris & Ian

Last night, hubby and I had a funny experience with the Kulilits. They really never fail to make us smile nowadays.

Scenario 1: Killing Mosquitoes

Me: Come on boys, help mommy find and catch the mosquitoes. We need to kill them before we sleep.
Ian & Chris: Helped me find and catch mosquitoes

After few seconds...

Me (Killed a mosquito): Look boys! I killed a mosquito! I crushed it!
Ian: Yehey!
Chris: Good job mommy! Good job!

What a comment right? Actually, hubby and I looked at each other after Chris said that. hubby told me that the Kulilits already know the concept of appreciation.

Scenario 2: Sleeping Time

Doc Padu: Time for bed now boys. Let's go to bed now.
Ian (with an authoritative voice): Daddy, on the floor!
Doc Padu: What?
Ian: Sleep on the floor!
Doc Padu: You want daddy to sleep on the floor? We can fit in the bed.
Ian: Only on the floor!
Doc Padu: You are banishing your own daddy!? Come, let's go to the bed and shoot the aliens...

There was silence at first but...

Ian: No! Only on the floor, daddy!

Hubby and I were seriously laughing after his conversation with Ian. Good thing, Ian already allowed his daddy to sleep in the bed. Hehehe.

Scenario 3: I'm mad

One time, Chris suddenly approached me with his arms crossed...

Chris (with a mad face and his arms crossed): Mommy, I'm mad!
Me: You are mad with mommy!?
Chris: Yes, I'm mad!
Me: Why are you mad???
Chris (suddenly smiled): I'm just joking you mommy!

Whew! And I thought he was really mad at me. Hehehe. He already knows how to make a joke!

Scenario 4: Wink

My mom just told me this story because we left the Kulilits to my parents' house yesterday:

While the Kulilits were playing with their second cousins at the lanay...

Hannah: Rode the electric motorcycle of the Kulilits
Chris (with mad voice): Hannah, why are you riding my motorcycle?

You know what Chris did after saying that to Hannah? He faced his Lola Susan (sister of Mama G) and winked several times to her. It just means that he's pretending to be mad at Hannah. His Lola Susan was really amazed to the wittiness of Chris.

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