Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kulilit Moments: Kids Do Say The Darndest Things

All of these conversations happened yesterday:

Scenario 1: Opposites

During our homeschool while studying about opposites...

Me: What is the opposite of big?
Ian & Chris: Small!
Me: What is the opposite of upstairs?
Ian & Chris: Downstairs
Me: What is the opposite of dry?!
Chris (thought about it for awhile): Taking a bath!

Well... Well... What an imagination! In order for you to get wet, you need to take a bath! At least I know that Chris knows how to relate words with actions. Hehe! =)

Scenario 2: Teeth

Last night, I cooked a steak with buttered corn for hubby. While hubby was preparing to eat...

Ian: Mommy, daddy's going to eat some teeth!
Me (just to myself): Huh???

At first, I didn't get it what Ian is telling me until hubby's about to eat the corn...

Ian: Daddy, don't eat that! 
Daddy: Why?
Ian: Those are teeth!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Well, it's true that corn kernels look like teeth... Hehe!

Wait! I remembered another scenario while I'm writing this blog entry. Here it is...

One time, when I'm about to eat chicken feet at Panciteria Lido, Chris commented, "Look Mama G, mommy is eating hands!"

Well, kids do say the darndest things!

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