Friday, February 28, 2014

Food Discovery: Yumpanada's Chicken Empanada

I have a new favorite snack. It's the chicken empanada of Yumpanada! =)

Yes, I know that Yumpanada has been existing for the longest time already. But I just had a taste of it when the seller of the house that we bought gave me some during one of our meetings. It's so yummy, I swear!

Initially, I didn't know that it's from Yumpanada. I even asked the seller where did she buy it and she just told me that she bought it at a kiosk in front of KFC (previously Fernando's Supermarket)  near Philam Village. Then one Sunday after we visited one of my best friends at Philam Village, I looked for the kiosk and that's the only time I learned that it was Yumpanada.

Here is the kiosk...

A closer look of their assorted empanadas...

If I only knew that it was Yumpanada, I could have just gone to their branch at SM Southmall (I believe I saw one there). Hehe. Anyway, aside from being yummy, it is also inexpensive. It's only P20.00 per piece for their regular empanada. Aside from that, they have Yumsavers wherein you get additional discount if you buy in bulk.

So that's it! A new favorite in my list. =)

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