Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Food Discovery: Eng Bee Tin Hopia Mongo Supreme

Last Chinese New Year, a client of my dad gave him assorted Eng Bee Tin products - different varieties of hopia and different flavors of tikoy. Since I'm a fan of hopia mongo, I got a pack and did not notice that the pack that I got is extra special. It has a salted duck egg yolk in it!!! Jackpot!!! I was really surprised because it was the first time I ate hopia with a salted duck egg yolk since normally it can only be found in moon cakes or egg yolks.

I got curious so I checked the packaging immediately. I read it carefully and found out that it is Hopia Mongo Supreme. That's the only time that I knew that there is such a thing as Hopia Mongo Supreme. Hehehe. I told my mom immediately and asked her to buy if she gets a chance to go to an Eng Bee Tin store. =)

Here is the photo of the packaging...

Here is the photo of the hopia itself...

This hopia is super yummy, promise!

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