Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bet On Your Baby Experience

It has been a month now since our BOYB episode was aired. We were actually the first set of twins who played in the BOYB twins edition. =) All I can say is that we had an awesome and memorable experience during the taping. At least for one day, we got a feel on how to be an artista (actor/actress). Hehe.

We had our taping last January 14, 2014 and I was just almost a month post cs op then. But that did not stop us from joining the game show for we don't want to miss the once in a lifetime opportunity that was given us to win a million peso (minus the 20% price tax, of course) and to be seen on national television. Hehe.

Anyway, that Tuesday, we arrived at ABS CBN area at around 2:00pm. We had our late lunch first before going inside ABS CBN. At around 3:00pm, we went inside already and proceeded to the dressing room.

The twins went to the play area first together with the other twins and had some activities with a teacher while I had my hair and make-up done.

At around 6:00pm, we were asked to go inside the BOYB studio. We had a briefing first about what we were suppose to do during the taping plus the blocking. Then after that, the studio audience were already asked to go inside to practice the BOYB dance steps. In between practice, the Kulilits went gaga at the studio. They went to the stage and played there.

They even got the attention of the BOYB dancers...

That they started taking photos of them...

and even had a souvenir photos with them...

The actual taping started at around 7:00pm already. We were the first one to play. It was super funny that time because when we were about to be introduced, there was a technical difficulty that time. The automatic door were we came out did not fully open because it got stuck. It was only when the director called cut when we realized the reason why we had a hard time going out of the door. Hubby and I actually bumped on each other while going out because we were trying to fit through the door. Hehe.

Anyway, while they were fixing the door, my cousin took a photo of me and hubby...

So there, after 15 minutes, the automatic door was fixed already then we resumed our taping. We had some chikka first with Juday at the start. It was actually long compared to what was aired. After that, the Kulilits played already with their daddy inside the baby dome while I stayed with Juday. While watching the Kulilits play, I was cheering like crazy all the time. Unfortunately, we lost this round because I had a wrong bet. Haha! Anyway, a P5,000.00 consolation prize was given to us. Hehe.

Losing the first round did not make us lose our hopes because there is still a jackpot round.  =)

Here is our picture with the other contestants before the jackpot round...

Before the jackpot round, I'm telling myself that I need to win the round. That is because (1) we need additional money for the renovation of the house that we just bought and (2) being a competitive person and a UP graduate, I think that it is very shameful of me if I don't win (that's just my opinion).

During the jackpot round, all the twins are starting to remove the stuffed toys to reveal the pictures that we need to guess. I really focused on the pictures so that I can guess first. When I already know the phrase and ready to guess it, I immediately pressed the button of the joystick that I'm holding. Then Juday called my name and asked me for my answer. I'm very lucky to answer it correctly. When I'm told that my answer is correct, I'm totally on cloud nine that time because I can't believe that I won.

Moving forward to the basagin ang baboy part (breaking of the piggy bank), we were given 3 chances. The numbers that we have in mind were 2,1 and 7. We chose piggy bank number 2 first which contains P250,000.00. At that point, it was very hard for us to decide if we are still going to take another chance because that is already the highest amount before the P1 million and the house and lot. But then, we have nothing to lose since we went to ABS CBN with nothing so we took another chance. Hubby broke piggy bank number 1 which contains P200,000.00. After that, we settled already with that amount and did not take our last chance anymore. Juday gave us the opportunity to check what's inside piggy bank number 7 (which was not aired). Good thing that we stopped already because piggy bank number 7 contains only P150,000.00 for the P1 million and house and lot were in piggy banks number 5 and 6 respectively.

After the taping, we had our souvenir photo with Ms. Judy Ann "Juday" Santos Agoncillo...

P200,000.00 (P160,000.00 net of 20% price tax) is good enough for us. It will be a big help in our house renovation. =) What's important is that we enjoyed the game show plus the fact that we had our 30 minute of fame! Hehe! =)

Anyway, in my previous blog post, someone asked me for a tip during the mock play (audition). Again, here are my personal tips...

  1. Make sure that your child has already eaten before the audition.
  2. Make sure that your child slept well (have a complete sleep).
  3. Let your child be a child be child, don't pressure them.
  4. Excite your child by telling him/her that he/she will play inside the baby dome.
  5. Make sure that your child is active because they want to see an active child and not a robot.
  6. Just be yourselves, enjoy and don't be nervous because they want to see a happy family.

Before I end this blog entry,  I want to share you some of the teasers of the episode that we were in:

Facebook/Twitter teaser...

Television teaser...

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