Saturday, January 11, 2014

VTR Behind The Scenes

Yey! We're done with our Bet On Your Baby (BOYB) VTR. We started the shoot at around 2:00pm and ended almost 5:00pm already. Take note, the VTR that will be shown at the BOYB game show will only be less than a minute and it took us almost 3 hours to shoot it. Hehe.

Anyway, here are some of the behind the scene photos during the shoot:

Reminiscing scene...

The ABS CBN BOYB Crew...

Doc Padu internalizing...

Doc Padu's scene...

Doc Padu with the Kulilits...

Sorry guys for the lack of photos. I asked our househelp to take photos but it turned out that she only took one photo (the first photo). Good thing I checked my camera that's why I had a chance to take additional photos.

I'll end this blog entry by listing down my realizations after the shoot...

1. It's hard to be an actor/actress. It demands time and too much patience.
2. It's hard to shoot a video of toddlers. You should wait for them to be in the mood.
3. Hubby is such a stage father (Daig pa ako!).
4. It's proven that hubby is a frustrated actor! (FYI: He's an extra in the movie "I Love You Goodbye")
5. Hubby is a male version of Kris Aquino. Hehehe!

That's it! Just wait for it to be aired on TV. =)


  1. 5. Hubby is a male version of Kris Aquino. Hehehe! So sweet. I hope my baby girl can join BOYB too! I might see another version of my hubby.

    1. Hi Gee! Have you tried joining your baby girl? If not, try to join her. Just go to the Facebook page of BOYB and the details on how to join are indicated there. We had a wonderful experience during our BOYB taping. It's really fun.

      Our episode will be shown tomorrow, January 25. Please do watch it. =)