Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kulilits Moments: Chris the Brutally Honest Tot

In Tagalog, they say "Tatlo lang naman klaseng tao ang nagsasabi ng totoo eh - bata, lasing at galit." (Only three types of person are tells the truth - a child, a drunk and a mad person.)

Between the twins, Chris is the brutally honest one. Here are some incidents that prove it:

Scenario 1: Rodney's Teeth

Before going to Blumentritt, we passed by first at my mom's office. My mom is talking to one of his staff then Chris suddenly commented...

Chris (pointing to Rodney): Mama G, he's not brushing his teeth!!!

We all laughed out loud. Rodney has a missing front tooth that's why Chris said that. I remembered also that I made Rodney as an example when they don't want to brush their teeth. But that's how many months ago already and he still remembered it.

Scenario 2: Je Ann is Mad

When I went to my mom's house to pick up the twins, Chris approached me...

Chris: Mommy, Ate Je Ann is mad at me.
Me: She's mad at you? How did you know that she's mad at you?
Chris: She took my bike and the motorcycle.

I asked Je Ann why she confiscated Chris' bike and motorcycle. She told me that Chris is purposely bumping Mama G's Vigan pots despite her warnings.

See, my son already knows how to inform me what other people does to him. You can never keep a secret from him anymore. Hehehe.

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