Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Food Discovery: Sans Rival Cake

Like what I've said in my previous blog post here, the next cake that I'll try in this bakeshop in Makati is their sans rival...

The cake is priced at P150.00 also. Unlike other sans rival, theirs is not chewy. It's a little bit crumbly. The texture is more of a meringue. It's not that sweet but I don't recommend you to eat that much because of the butter (or margarine?) in it. Honestly speaking, I don't like their sans rival that much. I have a better choice and I'll blog about it once I bought one. =)

By the way, the name of the bakery is Panay Tinapay and its address is at Rufino cor Victor St., Makati City.

Panay Tinapay

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