Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bet on Your Baby VTR & Taping

This is it!!!!!

We received an sms and a call from ABS CBN last night regarding the schedule of our VTR and taping. Actually, they already informed us weeks ago that our taping will either be on January 14 or 16 but they will still message us for confirmation. We've been asking them about the confirmation last week so that we'll be prepared but they only confirmed last night. And guess what? The VTR schedule in our home will be today already (As in agad agad talaga!!!) and the taping at the studio will be on January 14.

I already had a heart to heart talk with the Kulilits last night that they should behave and cooperate today. Hopefully, they will not have topaski later. Hehe!

Wish us luck guys... :)

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