Friday, January 31, 2014

A Productive Chinese New Year

Good evening guys! Before it's too late, I just want to greet you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!!!

I'm very productive today. I've accomplished a lot of things with the help of my hubby and I'm very very happy. 

So what did hubby and I accomplished today?

1. We went to our future home at BF Resort Village (BFRV) and met with the contractor for the renovation of our house. We plan to start the renovation within February. Hopefully, the quotation that the contractor will submit us will be within our budget so that we could move in before June this year.

2. We also met with the brother of our future home's previous owner for the turnover of all utility bills. Our next project for the utility bills is to transfer it to the name of hubby.

3. We went to BFRV Clubhouse to transfer the homeowner's membership to our name. We paid P1,000.00 for the membership and P1,560.00 for the association dues for the whole year. We already paid the association dues for the whole year because they have a promo - association dues for one month and 2 car stickers are free. So cheap, right?

4. At the BFRV Clubhouse, we also inquired about the requirements for the house renovation. We already gathered all the documents that we need to fill out and the guidelines that we need to follow.

5. We went to the sector treasurer of our street in BFRV to inquire about the sector's association dues - how much is the monthly dues and if we need to pay for it already even if we haven't move in yet.

6. We checked out Ysabel's Garden and inquired about their rates. It's one of my choices for Christoff's dedication. But when I saw the place, I am more considering it to be a venue for Christoff's first birthday.

7. We went to Chef something something buffet restaurant to check the place and their menu. But when we went there, the restaurant's ambiance is not nice and their food is very ordinary. It's a total NO NO for us so we just removed it from our list of venues.

8. We went to Puregold supermarket at Moonwalk to do our monthly grocery shopping since we won't be able to grocery shop this weekend. We spent a lot of time there specially in the cashier. It's nice to shop at Puregold supermarket since they have a lot of items and their prices are relatively low compared to other supermarkets. The only drawback  is the long waiting time at the cashier since the bagger really counts the number of items and should match the number of items indicated in the receipt.

9. After our grocery shopping, we already went home. Hubby with the Kulilits had a movie marathon while I arranged the grocery items in the cupboard.

10. I updated all our records in the laptop after arranging the groceries.

11. I searched the internet for other venues here in the south for Christoff's dedication.

12. Lastly, I found a time to blog. =)

It's such a busy Chinese New Year right??? How about you, how did you spend your Chinese New Year?

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