Friday, January 31, 2014

A Productive Chinese New Year

Good evening guys! Before it's too late, I just want to greet you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!!!

I'm very productive today. I've accomplished a lot of things with the help of my hubby and I'm very very happy. 

So what did hubby and I accomplished today?

1. We went to our future home at BF Resort Village (BFRV) and met with the contractor for the renovation of our house. We plan to start the renovation within February. Hopefully, the quotation that the contractor will submit us will be within our budget so that we could move in before June this year.

2. We also met with the brother of our future home's previous owner for the turnover of all utility bills. Our next project for the utility bills is to transfer it to the name of hubby.

3. We went to BFRV Clubhouse to transfer the homeowner's membership to our name. We paid P1,000.00 for the membership and P1,560.00 for the association dues for the whole year. We already paid the association dues for the whole year because they have a promo - association dues for one month and 2 car stickers are free. So cheap, right?

4. At the BFRV Clubhouse, we also inquired about the requirements for the house renovation. We already gathered all the documents that we need to fill out and the guidelines that we need to follow.

5. We went to the sector treasurer of our street in BFRV to inquire about the sector's association dues - how much is the monthly dues and if we need to pay for it already even if we haven't move in yet.

6. We checked out Ysabel's Garden and inquired about their rates. It's one of my choices for Christoff's dedication. But when I saw the place, I am more considering it to be a venue for Christoff's first birthday.

7. We went to Chef something something buffet restaurant to check the place and their menu. But when we went there, the restaurant's ambiance is not nice and their food is very ordinary. It's a total NO NO for us so we just removed it from our list of venues.

8. We went to Puregold supermarket at Moonwalk to do our monthly grocery shopping since we won't be able to grocery shop this weekend. We spent a lot of time there specially in the cashier. It's nice to shop at Puregold supermarket since they have a lot of items and their prices are relatively low compared to other supermarkets. The only drawback  is the long waiting time at the cashier since the bagger really counts the number of items and should match the number of items indicated in the receipt.

9. After our grocery shopping, we already went home. Hubby with the Kulilits had a movie marathon while I arranged the grocery items in the cupboard.

10. I updated all our records in the laptop after arranging the groceries.

11. I searched the internet for other venues here in the south for Christoff's dedication.

12. Lastly, I found a time to blog. =)

It's such a busy Chinese New Year right??? How about you, how did you spend your Chinese New Year?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kulilits Moments: Ian the Sponge

The Kulilits are like sponges nowadays. They can easily pick up words that you say. Like the past few days, I said expressions which aren't good then Ian repeatedly said those phrases right away...

Scenario 1:

When I did something stupid...

Me: Oh shucks!
Ian: Oh shucks! Oh shucks! Oh shucks!

Scenario 2: 

I'm with Ian to get something in our house. Midway, going down our stairs, I remembered something that I forgot to get in our room...

Me: Oh shit!
Ian: Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!

He kept on repeating that phrase until we got down the 1st floor. I pretended not to hear him because I'm afraid that the more I tell him not to say that phrase, the more he'll say it. I just talked to him about other things so that he'll just forget about that phrase. Thanks goodness, he didn't utter that phrase anymore!

Scenario 3:

While bathing the Kulilits, I slipped something and said again a bad expression...

Me: Oh fucker!
Ian: Oh fucker! Oh fucker! Oh fucker! Oh fucker!

I said to myself "Oh no! Not again! I need to do something about it! Think! Think! Think!"

Me (singing):  Oh! Carol...  Oh! Carol, I am but a fool, darling I love you tho' you treat me cruel, You hurt me and you made me cry. But if you leave me I will surely die.
Ian & Chris: Oh! Carol...

I'm releaved!!! Yahoo! 

Haaayyysssttt... Me and my big mouth! That's a lesson for me that's why I'm very careful now to what I'm saying when I'm around with my boys.

Kulilits Moments: Chris the Brutally Honest Tot

In Tagalog, they say "Tatlo lang naman klaseng tao ang nagsasabi ng totoo eh - bata, lasing at galit." (Only three types of person are tells the truth - a child, a drunk and a mad person.)

Between the twins, Chris is the brutally honest one. Here are some incidents that prove it:

Scenario 1: Rodney's Teeth

Before going to Blumentritt, we passed by first at my mom's office. My mom is talking to one of his staff then Chris suddenly commented...

Chris (pointing to Rodney): Mama G, he's not brushing his teeth!!!

We all laughed out loud. Rodney has a missing front tooth that's why Chris said that. I remembered also that I made Rodney as an example when they don't want to brush their teeth. But that's how many months ago already and he still remembered it.

Scenario 2: Je Ann is Mad

When I went to my mom's house to pick up the twins, Chris approached me...

Chris: Mommy, Ate Je Ann is mad at me.
Me: She's mad at you? How did you know that she's mad at you?
Chris: She took my bike and the motorcycle.

I asked Je Ann why she confiscated Chris' bike and motorcycle. She told me that Chris is purposely bumping Mama G's Vigan pots despite her warnings.

See, my son already knows how to inform me what other people does to him. You can never keep a secret from him anymore. Hehehe.

Friday, January 24, 2014

How We Spent Our Christmas & New Year

This is a super duper late post. But still, I want to share it to you. Hehehe! =)

Last Christmas and New Year, nothing much happened to us. It's too hard for us to celebrate the holiday season the way we used to since I just gave birth and all of us are still adjusting.

On Christmas Eve, I'm suppose to cook but hubby suggested that we just spend it at my parents' house so that I can rest. So there we went. We ate dinner with my immediate family and relatives and we exchanged gifts. Too bad because I forgot to take some photos and it's Christoff's first Christmas. Huhu! =(

Come Christmas morning, we helped my parents give away some goodies, stuffed toys and books to those people who went to my parents' house. It's actually a regular activity that we do every Christmas.

Lunch time, we went to my in-laws' house in San Pedro, Laguna. We stayed there until after dinner.

Here are some of our souvenir photos during Christmas day:

Kulitan before dinner...

Dinner time...

On New Year's Eve, here is our simple dinner table...

I cooked, baked garlic salmon belly, angel hair spaghetti with salmon in olive oil, smoked pork ribs and chicken macaroni salad (c/o my mommy).

Then we had our very first family picture which wasn't that good because the twins kept on moving. Hehe...

After all the fireworks, we crashed again my parents' house...

On New Year's day, we went again to my in-laws' house and spent the entire day there.

We had lunch al fresco...

Then in the evening, we had our family picture taken...

That's it! A very simple but fun celebration...

Food Discovery: Bambu Milk Cream Wafer Sandwich

My mom gave the twins Bambu Milk Cream Wafer Sandwich...

It's from the Christmas basket that my dad received last year. The twins liked it! They actually ate a pack in one sitting. Now, I wonder where can I buy one.

Do you guys know where I could buy this locally? If you do, please do tell me... =)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Kulilits on Bet on Your Baby

Hi guys! This it it!!! The episode where we joined the Bet on Your Baby will be aired on Saturday, January 25, 2014, at 6:00pm.


Please do watch us. Hehe. =)

A Gentle Reminder: Please bear with us. We are just acting out the moment. Hope it doesn't change your impression of us. =)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Roy Christoff's First Month

Babies do really grow fast! I just gave birth to Christoff December last year and now he's one month old already. Ohhhh... Is there a pause button somewhere??? Aside from my babies growing fast, I'm getting older too. Hehehe.

I'd like to share some of Christoff's photos for the past month...

1st Week (December 23, 2013)

2nd Week (December 30, 2013)

3rd Week (January 6, 2014)

1 Month (January 16, 2014)

See the changes in Christoff? He's just 3 Kg during his first pedia checkup last December 27. Then from his last pedia checkup last January 17, he is already 4 Kg. He gained 1 Kg in less than a month!!!

For his first month birthday, we just had a simple celebration. We just had cake rolls from Red Ribbon, Chicken Inasal and Cebu Liempo from Chicboy, Miki Bihon from Aling Lucy's and creamy chicken sopas. =)

Here are some of Christoff's photos:

with Tita Ai...

with Mama G...

with Papa G and Kuya Chris...

with Christoff's birthday cake...

Kuya Ian and Kuya Chris blowing Christoff's cake...

Family picture...

That's it guys! =)

Food Discovery: Sans Rival Cake

Like what I've said in my previous blog post here, the next cake that I'll try in this bakeshop in Makati is their sans rival...

The cake is priced at P150.00 also. Unlike other sans rival, theirs is not chewy. It's a little bit crumbly. The texture is more of a meringue. It's not that sweet but I don't recommend you to eat that much because of the butter (or margarine?) in it. Honestly speaking, I don't like their sans rival that much. I have a better choice and I'll blog about it once I bought one. =)

By the way, the name of the bakery is Panay Tinapay and its address is at Rufino cor Victor St., Makati City.

Panay Tinapay

Sleeping with My Kids

I remembered this meme that circulated around Facebook...


when I saw my kids sleeping like this...

I just wonder how can I position myself in the bed. Hehe. I actually share our queen size bed with my 3 little boys now. About Doc Padu, he's an outcast now. He sleeps on the floor using the Kulilits' bed foam. Hehe. =)

Chris: The Little Picasso

I've already shared the photos below in my FB account but I haven't blogged about it. =)

Between the Kulilits, Chris is the artistic one. He loves doing artsy stuff such as painting, drawing, coloring and making crafts.

I'm just amazed because in such an early age (2 years and 10 mos in this picture), he can already draw an airplane on his own. =)

Serious using his left hand...

Still serious, now using his right hand...

Chris' drawing of an airplane...

How cute his drawing right? =)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

VTR Behind The Scenes

Yey! We're done with our Bet On Your Baby (BOYB) VTR. We started the shoot at around 2:00pm and ended almost 5:00pm already. Take note, the VTR that will be shown at the BOYB game show will only be less than a minute and it took us almost 3 hours to shoot it. Hehe.

Anyway, here are some of the behind the scene photos during the shoot:

Reminiscing scene...

The ABS CBN BOYB Crew...

Doc Padu internalizing...

Doc Padu's scene...

Doc Padu with the Kulilits...

Sorry guys for the lack of photos. I asked our househelp to take photos but it turned out that she only took one photo (the first photo). Good thing I checked my camera that's why I had a chance to take additional photos.

I'll end this blog entry by listing down my realizations after the shoot...

1. It's hard to be an actor/actress. It demands time and too much patience.
2. It's hard to shoot a video of toddlers. You should wait for them to be in the mood.
3. Hubby is such a stage father (Daig pa ako!).
4. It's proven that hubby is a frustrated actor! (FYI: He's an extra in the movie "I Love You Goodbye")
5. Hubby is a male version of Kris Aquino. Hehehe!

That's it! Just wait for it to be aired on TV. =)

Bet on Your Baby VTR & Taping

This is it!!!!!

We received an sms and a call from ABS CBN last night regarding the schedule of our VTR and taping. Actually, they already informed us weeks ago that our taping will either be on January 14 or 16 but they will still message us for confirmation. We've been asking them about the confirmation last week so that we'll be prepared but they only confirmed last night. And guess what? The VTR schedule in our home will be today already (As in agad agad talaga!!!) and the taping at the studio will be on January 14.

I already had a heart to heart talk with the Kulilits last night that they should behave and cooperate today. Hopefully, they will not have topaski later. Hehe!

Wish us luck guys... :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Brotherly Love

I'm so happy that the Kulilits love their baby brother so much. They kiss, hug, take care of, watch over and sing a song for Christoff. They even ask me if they could carry their baby brother. I made them carry their brother with my help and of course told them that they are not allowed to carry Christoff without me.

Here are the Kulilits' pictures carrying Christoff:

Christoff with Kuya Chris...

Christoff with Ian...

Aren't my boys adorable?

I hope and pray that they will all love each other until they grow up. =)

The Birth of Roy Christoff

Finally, I have time to blog now. =) All of the boys are having their afternoon nap and that's unusual nowadays. Normally, one of them doesn't want to sleep that's why sometimes I feel very frustrated because my schedule for the day is ruined.

Well, I have three boys... 2 toddlers and an infant... I only have one househelp who only cleans the house and washes the clothes of Christoff... I do the cooking, grocery shopping, buying of fresh produce at the wet market, taking care and homeschooling the kids, etcetera, etcetera... Just imagine that...

Anyway, it's been almost a month when I gave birth to Roy Christoff and I still haven't blogged about his birth. Hehe. I told you in my previous blog entry (you can read it here), that my CS operation has been moved several times. So from the initial schedule of December 15, it was finally settled at December 16.

Since it was moved on a later date, I've got an extra day to prepare. Hehe. That extra day (December 15) was really maximized. We went around ATC before lunch. Then we celebrated my dad's birthday at Ramen Tei. After my dad's birthday lunch, my mom and I went to the parlor for some pampering. I believe that I need to be pampered in preparation to no-sleep days. Hehe.

I had foot spa with pedicure...

and a haircut...

After that, we already went to Makati because I need to be admitted to Makati Medical Center for some preparations the day before my CS schedule. But before going to the hospital, we ate first a super late dinner since I need to be NPO by 12:00 midnight.

Moving forward...

On December 16, 2013, at around 9:00am, I gave birth to Roy Christoff Garcia Padua...

Christoff is such a healthy baby boy. His birth weight is 6.11 lbs (He's not that heavy because my OBG is strictly monitoring my weight during my pregnancy) and his Apgar score is 9.

Here is our first picture together...

Our picture after his first latch...

First picture with mommy and daddy...

Here is Christoff's picture at the nursery...

I'm very happy because the CS procedure went well and my baby boy is very healthy. What I didn't like is the number of days I stayed in the hospital and the huge hospital bill. Hehe. I stayed there for 5 days - 1 day for preparation, 1 day for the actual CS procedure and 3 days recovery period. I got bored at the hospital plus I missed the Kulilits. I actually tried to lessen the number of days of my stay at the hospital by making sure to poop and walk the following day. Unfortunately, my OBG didn't allow me to go home because she wants to make sure that I won't have any complications post surgery. =(

Wednesday, January 08, 2014


This is a picture I got from Mom Center Philippines Facebook page...


It summarizes the experience of a mother in taking care of her baby. I agree with this that motherhood is such an awesome experience!!!

Doc Padu's 35th Birthday

Yesterday is hubby's birthday. He's... ummmm... 30 years old already?! Oh well, we actually stopped counting our age when we turned 30 y/o. Age is just a number anyway. Hehe.

Guess what? We almost didn't have a chance to celebrate hubby's birthday yesterday because there were series of misfortunes that happened. First, I was supposed to buy Cebu Lechon Manok and Cebu Lechon Liempo at Chicboy Moonwalk branch. Unfortunately, they are not accepting gift certificates. Then I went to Taste of Joy to buy Miki Bihon. But again, Miki Bihon is unavailable already. So I asked them if they have other kind of pancit. You won't believe the answer. They told me that there are no pancit available already. OMG! They might as well close their restaurant!!! So I just went home since hubby is home already. I asked him to come with me and look for a pancit. We went to Aling Idang's at Moonwalk to buy pancit Malabon. And still, when I'm about to order, the staff there told me that they were already closed. Nyak! Super unlucky!!! So, we ended up having Aling Lucy's Miki Bihon and Chooks To Go Chicken for hubby's birthday...

Hubby's Simple Birthday Dinner

Though hubby only have a simple birthday celebration yesterday, he's still very happy...

What's important is that we, his family, were there to celebrate his special day. And, of course, there ain't no celebration, without the birthday song...

How cute the Padua boys right? Hehe!!!

Again, to Dr. Ryan Nino C. Padua a.k.a. John Lloyd Cruz (Sige na, pagbigyan niyo na siya, birthday naman eh!)...