Thursday, December 12, 2013

We are In!!!

Remember, I told you that we auditioned at ABS CBN for the Bet on Your Baby game show (you could read about it HERE). Well, I'm happy to announce that we are in!!! Hooray!!!

We learned about the good news when we were in the hospital. The researcher called me and hubby. Supposedly, they wanted the taping either today, December 12, or December 17 since it will be a special edition and they wanted it to be aired this December. I'm really shocked about the schedule since I'm expecting that it will be January next year. Aside from that, I'm already due to give birth on December 15. In case I confirmed about the taping today, I might give birth due to excitement at the taping and about the December 17 schedule, I'm still recovering at the hospital that time. I asked her if we could make the taping earlier but she did not reply. Until she sent me and hubby an sms last week that we'll just do the taping on January 2014.

We are really excited about the game show. It will definitely be a memorable experience for our family. =)

As early as now, I'm practicing the Kulilits on what are they going to say to Juday...

Me: What will you say to Tita Juday?
Kulilits: Tita Juday, you are daddy's ultimate crush!!!

Bwahahaha!!! FYI: Hubby is Juday's No. 1 fan. Hehehe.

For me and hubby, I still don't know what will be our gimmick. Hehe.

I'll just update you about our schedule soon...

Wish us luck guys!!!

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