Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kulilits Moments: Funny Conversations with the Kulilits

Here are the latest funny conversation with the Kulilits...

Scenario 1: Bald Like Tito Ninong

When we visited Lola Zeny at the hospital, Chris was playing with his Tito Ninong. Then suddenly...

Chris (stroking his Tito Ninong's head_: Look mom! Tito Ninong has hair.
Me: laughing out loud
Kuya Bimbo: Ano raw? (what is he saying?)
Me: May buhok ka raw! Nabisto tuloy ako. Ginawa kasi kitang example habang nagBibible story kami eh. Yung mga Egyptians kasi kalbo sabi ko they are bald like Tito Ninong. Haha! (He is telling that you have a hair. I'm busted! I set you as an example during our Bible Story telling. I told them that the Egyptians are bald like their Tito Ninong. Haha!)

*Peace Kuya Bimbo!!!

Scenario 2: I don't want to Die

During our Bible Story telling, I'm talking about the Passover wherein the first born sons were being killed by an angel if they don't put a lamb's blood at their door...

Me: If they don't put a lamb's blood at their door, the angel of death will kill the first born sons. For example, in our house. If we don't put lamb's blood at our door, the angel of death will kill Ian because Ian is the first born.
Ian (mad): I don't want to be killed!
Me: Anak, that's just an example.
Ian (still mad): I don't want to die!
Me: Okay! Okay! No more! You will not die Ian!

Scenario 3: Carrots

While hubby was eating dinner, Chris got a bangus lumpiang shanghai and ate it...

Me: You liked it baby?
Chris: Yes.
Me: Is it yummy?
Chris: Yes. Like nuggets!
Me: It's not nuggets baby. It's a fish.
Chris: This is not a fish mommy!
Me: There's a fish inside baby and carrots.
Chris: Carrots are for rabbits only!
Me: No baby, carrots are not for rabbits only. They are for humans too.
Chris (while throwing the lumpia back to the plate): NO! Carrots are for rabbits only!!!

Scenario 4: Pig

While the Kulilits and their daddy were horsing around...

Kulilits: Hiyaa!!! Hiyaa!!!
Me: Daddy's not a horse. He's a hippo!
Ian: Daddy's not a hippo mommy!
Me: Is daddy a pig?
Kulilits: YES!!!

Have a great day guys!!!

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