Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kulilits' First Time to be Hospitalized

It has been a week since the Kulilits was discharged from the hospital. They were confined in the hospital for 5 days and their weight deteriorated that time. =(

It all started Tuesday evening when Chris suddenly threw up. I thought he was just full that the food came out with his burp. But when hubby arrived, he threw up again and from that time on, he was throwing up already like there is no tomorrow. Then he started to poop a loose stool. Hubby told me that he was having a diarrhea.

Morning came, Chris was still ill that I decided to bring him with me to the hospital since I also have a prenatal checkup that day. We went first to his pediatrician to have him checked. His pediatrician told us that he has gastroenteritis which might be viral since it was impossible to be caused by the food that he ate because he was the only one who got it. And since it might be viral, he also told us to expect that Ian will have it too after few days.

The pediatrician injected Plasil to Chris for his vomiting. Then he prescribed Motilium and some sort of antibiotic if he continues to have diarrhea.

I was really worried about Chris that day. He wants to eat and drink but his body won't accept it. After he eats and drinks, he automatically vomits it after few seconds. He was already weak and has not been eating and drinking for the whole day that we decided to have him admitted to the hospital so that he can be given a dextrose.

Chris was admitted to Sta. Rosa Hospital and Medical Center. Of course, his attending physician was hubby so that his progress can be easily monitored by us.

When we arrived there, Chris was really dehydrated. He was either too weak or too brave that he did not struggle when the IV was inserted to him.

The Doctor inserting an IV to Chris

I was in tears while the doctor was inserting an IV to Chris. I can't stand seeing my son suffering like that. I'm wishing that time that I'll just have his illness so that he'll be well already.

Though Chris was really ill that time, he still managed to be a smart kid. Here is a picture when he was trying to smile at the camera...

Here I am with Chris during his second night at the hospital. It was good that he is still a happy toddler despite his illness.

After two days, Ian started to complain that he has ouchie tummy too. I thought that he was just acting that time that he was just seeking our attention. Then suddenly, he started to throw up also. We tried to observe him first that day. Since he was showing the same symptoms like Chris, we decided to have him admitted to the hospital already before he gets dehydrated like what happened to Chris.

Here were the Kulilits with dextrose...

It was hard for me when the boys were both sick. I don't know who to attend first. They both want to be with me and they only want me! "Only Mommy!" for everything - medicine drinking, eating, drinking, peeing and pooping.

Now, they are back to their normal selves already and I'm happy about that! It's okay with me that they are talkative and feisty than seeing them weak. They are also eating a lot now and starting to regain the weight that they lost. =)

I just hope and pray that they will not be hospitalized anymore for it really breaks my heart to see them suffer.

How about you fellow mommies, have you experienced this kind of situation?

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  1. Worst part of it all, being the doctor of your kids. Can't think straight, paranoia all around. Good thing their mommy was strong as a rock!

    Oh, and be careful with what you wish for. After the boys got sick, the virus jumped ship and hit us hard.