Saturday, December 14, 2013

Food Discovery: Brazo de Mercedes

Here is my latest discovery:

Brazo de Mercedes from a bakery in Makati...

Whenever we are in Makati, there is this bakery that we pass by every time we go home. From afar, their cakes look so tempting that's why the other day during my last prenatal checkup, I decided to buy a brazo de mercedes from them.

In fairness, it is really delicious. Hubby and I liked it! Even my mom, who's favorite cake is brazo de mercedes, liked it too!

Aside from the taste, their cakes are inexpensive too! Could you believe that this cake is only P150.00? A yummy cake for P150.00!!! Winner!!!

The next cake that I'll buy from them will be their sansrival. I'll let you know soon...

BTW, sorry I forgot the name of the bakery. I promise that I'll take a picture of it and share it to you. =)


  1. What is the name of the bakery, I am so curious. That is my favorite cake!!please give me the bakery's name I want to try it.

    1. I'll tell you the name and address of the bakery ASAP once I go back there, promise! Probably this week after I give birth. :) Are you from Makati?

    2. Thank you sis! Have a safe delivery! I just gave birth last March this year and it was easy breezy with God's help.

      I am not from Makati I work in Makati along Makati Med. I might drop by there and get the chance to taste the Braso de Mercedes.

      Thanks again!

    3. Thanks Sis! =) I'm finally home.

      As promised here is the name and address of the bakery:

      Bakery: Panay Tinapay
      Address: Rufino cor Victor St. Makati City

      From Chino Roces turn right to Rufino St. (landmark: Goldilocks Bakeshop). Just straight ahead then you'll see the bakeshop already. =)

  2. Congrats sis and thank you for the name and address of the bake shop.

    1. Thanks also sis! =) You are welcome. =)