Friday, December 13, 2013

CS Operation Moved Tomorrow

Yikes! We were informed by my OB this afternoon that she can't operate me on Sunday due to personal emergency. So instead of being admitted to the hospital tomorrow night, I'll be admitted this evening and have my operation tomorrow morning.

Too bad, Christoff's birthday is supposedly December 15 which is my dad's birthday. =( Anyhow, looking at the bright side, at least my son's first birthday will fall on a Sunday. Nice schedule right? Hehe.

Since I'm somewhat an OC person, I'm already prepared days ago. All our clothes are packed already. I just need to put in the toiletries and baon to our bags.

Here are our things...

Since I need to prepare myself also. I ate a plateful of my mom's spaghetti. Super yummy! Based on experience, I'll be NPO for the next 2 to 3 days so I need to load up. Hehehe!

That's it! See you tomorrow baby Christoff...

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