Monday, December 30, 2013

Kulilits Favorties: Oatmeal with Milo

The Kulilit's ultimate favorite breakfast:

Oatmeal with Milo...

That's their breakfast from Monday to Saturday and they don't get fed up with it. =) 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Kulilits Favorites: Monde Special Mamon Classic

Mamon is very popular to babies who are starting to eat and toddlers since it is easy to chew and swallow. For the Kulilits, their favorite is Monde Special Mamon classic. Actually, each of them can eat two of these in one sitting.

How about you fellow mommies, do your kids love mamon too? =)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Kulilits Favorites: Lemon Square Cheesecake

Another favorite snack of the Kulilits... Lemon Square Cheese Cake...

They love love this cheese cake ever since they started to eat solid food! =)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Homeschooling the Kulilits: 9th Week

For our week 9 of homeschooling, we talked about Moses and the Ten Commandments, how the people disobeyed God when they worshipped a golden calf, God's people bringing gifts for the tabernacle,  how God watched over the tabernacle and how the people were afraid to go to Canaan.

We also learned the following: Letter H and its sound, Number 9, the concept of helping and how to pray properly.

Here are some of the pictures of the Kulilits doing their crafts...

Here are some of the activities we did last week:

For letter recognition...

For small letter recognition...

Crafts: bundle of grapes...

For their counting book...

For counting...

That's our week 9. For our week 10, I might adjust it since I just gave birth and will be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Food Discovery: Brazo de Mercedes

Here is my latest discovery:

Brazo de Mercedes from a bakery in Makati...

Whenever we are in Makati, there is this bakery that we pass by every time we go home. From afar, their cakes look so tempting that's why the other day during my last prenatal checkup, I decided to buy a brazo de mercedes from them.

In fairness, it is really delicious. Hubby and I liked it! Even my mom, who's favorite cake is brazo de mercedes, liked it too!

Aside from the taste, their cakes are inexpensive too! Could you believe that this cake is only P150.00? A yummy cake for P150.00!!! Winner!!!

The next cake that I'll buy from them will be their sansrival. I'll let you know soon...

BTW, sorry I forgot the name of the bakery. I promise that I'll take a picture of it and share it to you. =)

Friday the 13th

Its truly Friday the 13th yesterday. My CS operation schedule went crazy. From December 15, it was instantly moved to December 14 yesterday that made my butt go around.

Everything was set already - all of our things are loaded to hubby's car and I carbo loaded knowing that I will be NPO for 2 to 3 days.

Hubby went to Sta. Rosa to do his patient rounds first so we waited in my parent's house. After an hour, hubby called telling me that my CS operation for today was cancelled again and it will be moved on Monday, December 16.

Haaayyysssttt... Hopefully, that schedule will be final already...

Friday, December 13, 2013

CS Operation Moved Tomorrow

Yikes! We were informed by my OB this afternoon that she can't operate me on Sunday due to personal emergency. So instead of being admitted to the hospital tomorrow night, I'll be admitted this evening and have my operation tomorrow morning.

Too bad, Christoff's birthday is supposedly December 15 which is my dad's birthday. =( Anyhow, looking at the bright side, at least my son's first birthday will fall on a Sunday. Nice schedule right? Hehe.

Since I'm somewhat an OC person, I'm already prepared days ago. All our clothes are packed already. I just need to put in the toiletries and baon to our bags.

Here are our things...

Since I need to prepare myself also. I ate a plateful of my mom's spaghetti. Super yummy! Based on experience, I'll be NPO for the next 2 to 3 days so I need to load up. Hehehe!

That's it! See you tomorrow baby Christoff...

Homeschooling the Kulilits: 8th Week

Our homeschooling for Unit 8 took us 2 weeks since the Kulilits were hospitalized for 5 days and they need to rest for few days before resuming our lessons.

For Unit 8, we talked about plagues of Egypt, passover and crossing of the red sea.

We also learned the following: Letter G and its sound, number 8, number order (first, next, last), following the leader, how we should be thankful for all the blessings that we are receiving, how God loves us and He provides for us.

Here are some of the pictures of the twins doing their crafts...

Chris & Ian

Chris & Ian

Chris & Ian

Here are some of the activities we did last week:

Painting: Illustration of the parting of the red sea...

For letter recognition...

For their counting book...

For counting...

That's all for Unit 8. =)

SWAG: First Batch of Christmas Gifts

12 days to go and it's already Christmas. I bet that you are already receiving early Christmas gifts from different people.

Like hubby, he is starting to receive gifts from patients, co-doctors and med reps.

Here are the first batch of the gifts that hubby received:

Christmas wreath cake from a patient...

Caramelized pili nuts from a co-doctor...

Cologne Spray from a med rep...

Thanks everyone for these gifts! =)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mama G's Pasalubong

Mama G went again to Divisoria the other day. As usual, she has a pasalubong for us.

Here they are:

Toddler's leg warmers for the Kulilits...

Ian's favorite hopia...

and pajamas for me...

Thanks Mama G for these!!! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

We are In!!!

Remember, I told you that we auditioned at ABS CBN for the Bet on Your Baby game show (you could read about it HERE). Well, I'm happy to announce that we are in!!! Hooray!!!

We learned about the good news when we were in the hospital. The researcher called me and hubby. Supposedly, they wanted the taping either today, December 12, or December 17 since it will be a special edition and they wanted it to be aired this December. I'm really shocked about the schedule since I'm expecting that it will be January next year. Aside from that, I'm already due to give birth on December 15. In case I confirmed about the taping today, I might give birth due to excitement at the taping and about the December 17 schedule, I'm still recovering at the hospital that time. I asked her if we could make the taping earlier but she did not reply. Until she sent me and hubby an sms last week that we'll just do the taping on January 2014.

We are really excited about the game show. It will definitely be a memorable experience for our family. =)

As early as now, I'm practicing the Kulilits on what are they going to say to Juday...

Me: What will you say to Tita Juday?
Kulilits: Tita Juday, you are daddy's ultimate crush!!!

Bwahahaha!!! FYI: Hubby is Juday's No. 1 fan. Hehehe.

For me and hubby, I still don't know what will be our gimmick. Hehe.

I'll just update you about our schedule soon...

Wish us luck guys!!!

Food Discovery: Margie's Hopia Sibuyas Dahon

Margie's Hopia Sebuyas Dahon...

I actually discovered this last September when I brought a pack with me to our trip to Bali. I find it delicious that I can eat 6 pieces (bite size) of it in one sitting. Hehe!

These are perfect for snacks! I bet that it could be perfectly combined with softdrinks too! =)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kulilits Moments: Funny Conversations with the Kulilits

Here are the latest funny conversation with the Kulilits...

Scenario 1: Bald Like Tito Ninong

When we visited Lola Zeny at the hospital, Chris was playing with his Tito Ninong. Then suddenly...

Chris (stroking his Tito Ninong's head_: Look mom! Tito Ninong has hair.
Me: laughing out loud
Kuya Bimbo: Ano raw? (what is he saying?)
Me: May buhok ka raw! Nabisto tuloy ako. Ginawa kasi kitang example habang nagBibible story kami eh. Yung mga Egyptians kasi kalbo sabi ko they are bald like Tito Ninong. Haha! (He is telling that you have a hair. I'm busted! I set you as an example during our Bible Story telling. I told them that the Egyptians are bald like their Tito Ninong. Haha!)

*Peace Kuya Bimbo!!!

Scenario 2: I don't want to Die

During our Bible Story telling, I'm talking about the Passover wherein the first born sons were being killed by an angel if they don't put a lamb's blood at their door...

Me: If they don't put a lamb's blood at their door, the angel of death will kill the first born sons. For example, in our house. If we don't put lamb's blood at our door, the angel of death will kill Ian because Ian is the first born.
Ian (mad): I don't want to be killed!
Me: Anak, that's just an example.
Ian (still mad): I don't want to die!
Me: Okay! Okay! No more! You will not die Ian!

Scenario 3: Carrots

While hubby was eating dinner, Chris got a bangus lumpiang shanghai and ate it...

Me: You liked it baby?
Chris: Yes.
Me: Is it yummy?
Chris: Yes. Like nuggets!
Me: It's not nuggets baby. It's a fish.
Chris: This is not a fish mommy!
Me: There's a fish inside baby and carrots.
Chris: Carrots are for rabbits only!
Me: No baby, carrots are not for rabbits only. They are for humans too.
Chris (while throwing the lumpia back to the plate): NO! Carrots are for rabbits only!!!

Scenario 4: Pig

While the Kulilits and their daddy were horsing around...

Kulilits: Hiyaa!!! Hiyaa!!!
Me: Daddy's not a horse. He's a hippo!
Ian: Daddy's not a hippo mommy!
Me: Is daddy a pig?
Kulilits: YES!!!

Have a great day guys!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kulilits' First Time to be Hospitalized

It has been a week since the Kulilits was discharged from the hospital. They were confined in the hospital for 5 days and their weight deteriorated that time. =(

It all started Tuesday evening when Chris suddenly threw up. I thought he was just full that the food came out with his burp. But when hubby arrived, he threw up again and from that time on, he was throwing up already like there is no tomorrow. Then he started to poop a loose stool. Hubby told me that he was having a diarrhea.

Morning came, Chris was still ill that I decided to bring him with me to the hospital since I also have a prenatal checkup that day. We went first to his pediatrician to have him checked. His pediatrician told us that he has gastroenteritis which might be viral since it was impossible to be caused by the food that he ate because he was the only one who got it. And since it might be viral, he also told us to expect that Ian will have it too after few days.

The pediatrician injected Plasil to Chris for his vomiting. Then he prescribed Motilium and some sort of antibiotic if he continues to have diarrhea.

I was really worried about Chris that day. He wants to eat and drink but his body won't accept it. After he eats and drinks, he automatically vomits it after few seconds. He was already weak and has not been eating and drinking for the whole day that we decided to have him admitted to the hospital so that he can be given a dextrose.

Chris was admitted to Sta. Rosa Hospital and Medical Center. Of course, his attending physician was hubby so that his progress can be easily monitored by us.

When we arrived there, Chris was really dehydrated. He was either too weak or too brave that he did not struggle when the IV was inserted to him.

The Doctor inserting an IV to Chris

I was in tears while the doctor was inserting an IV to Chris. I can't stand seeing my son suffering like that. I'm wishing that time that I'll just have his illness so that he'll be well already.

Though Chris was really ill that time, he still managed to be a smart kid. Here is a picture when he was trying to smile at the camera...

Here I am with Chris during his second night at the hospital. It was good that he is still a happy toddler despite his illness.

After two days, Ian started to complain that he has ouchie tummy too. I thought that he was just acting that time that he was just seeking our attention. Then suddenly, he started to throw up also. We tried to observe him first that day. Since he was showing the same symptoms like Chris, we decided to have him admitted to the hospital already before he gets dehydrated like what happened to Chris.

Here were the Kulilits with dextrose...

It was hard for me when the boys were both sick. I don't know who to attend first. They both want to be with me and they only want me! "Only Mommy!" for everything - medicine drinking, eating, drinking, peeing and pooping.

Now, they are back to their normal selves already and I'm happy about that! It's okay with me that they are talkative and feisty than seeing them weak. They are also eating a lot now and starting to regain the weight that they lost. =)

I just hope and pray that they will not be hospitalized anymore for it really breaks my heart to see them suffer.

How about you fellow mommies, have you experienced this kind of situation?

Monday, December 09, 2013

Kulilits Favorites: Purefoods Fun Stuff Crazy Cut Nuggets

The Kulilits love Purefoods Fun Stuff Crazy Cut Nuggets. This is actually their default meal if we don't have food at home. They usually pair it with a sunny side up egg.

They eat a lot if this is their food. They even have a name for their combo meal and that is "Egg and Nuggets"! =)

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Usapang Mag-Asawa: Joshua, Joseph or Moses?

My hubby is so funny. We had a real laugh trip when he saw the crafts of the Kulilits...

Doc Padu (while looking at the twins' crafts) : Be, san mo nakuha yung mga cut outs na ginamit niyo dito? (Be, where did you get the cut outs that you used here?)
Me: Ginawa ko lang. Why? (I drew it. Why?)
Doc Padu: Wala lang. Ang galing eh. (Nothing. I just find it nice.)
Me: Thank you!
Doc Padu: Di ba ito yung baby na tinago sa basket sa river para hindi mapatay? (Is this the story of the baby who was kept in the woven basket in the river so that he'll not be killed?)
Me: Yup!
Doc Padu: Sino nga ba yun? Joshua ba yun? (Who was that? Is it Joshua?)
Me: trying to control my laughter
Doc Padu: Ay, Joseph pala! (Ay, it's Joseph!)
Me:  still trying to control my laughter
Doc Padu: Di ba yun yung nag turn ng water into wine? Ay, si Jesus pala yun! (Isn't he the one who turned the water into wine? Ay, that was Jesus!)
Me (laughing out loud): Ano ka ba? Anong pinag-sasabi mo? Nagkahalo halo na ang Bible mo! Si Moses kaya yun. (Hello! What are you talking about? You're Bible stories are mixed up already. That's Moses!)
Doc Padua: Ay oo nga! Siya di ba yung naghati ng water sa dalawa para makadaan yung mga tao? And siya rin yung sa burning bush and ten commandments? (Oh yeah! He was the one who divided the water into two so that the people can cross it right? It was also he who talked to God through the burning bush and the one who brought the ten commandments?)
Me: Yup! Akala ko ba dapat papasok ka sa seminaryo dati para magpari? (Yup! I thought that you'll be going to the seminary before to be a priest?)
Doc Padu: Kaya nga hindi ako natanggap eh! Hahaha! (Well, maybe that's the reason they did not accept me in the seminary. Hahaha!)

Friday, December 06, 2013

Homeschooling the Kulilits: 7th Week

This is a late blog entry. I was suppose to blog about this last week but an unforeseen event happened. =(

On our 7th week of homeschooling, we talked about Moses, how he was saved when he was still a baby and how he was used by God to save the Israelites. 

We also learned the following: Letter F and its sound, number 7, action words (dig, stir, pound, shape and lift), how God watches over us, how to take care of a baby by playing pretend, forgiving and obedience.

Here are some of the activities we did last week:

I drew illustrations to teach them some action words...

Crafts: woven basket where Moses was hidden...

For letter recognition...

For their counting book...

For counting...

That's it! =)

Being MIA for Several Days

Hello! Good mawnin'!!! I'm back! I'm still alive and kicking! Hahaha!

Anyway, I've been through a lot since last week that's why I haven't blogged. =(

First, my twins were hospitalized last week for 5 days and were just discharged last Monday afternoon. It was really terrible. They lost a lot weight because they kept on vomiting like there's no tomorrow. It was really hard for me to see them like that. =(

Second, when we got home, the twins and I still rested. Of course, for the twins, they need to fully recover from their illness. As for me, I need to rest also because I lack sleep and I didn't have a proper sleep at the hospital.

Third, since nobody was left at home when we were in the hospital, there were a lot of things to do - sorting the laundry, sorting the newly ironed clothes, clearing of clutters, updating of hubby's records for tax purposes and many many more.

Lastly, I have a very busy schedule:

December 3, 2013 - I did our monthly grocery shopping by myself. I didn't dare to tag along the twins anymore. Hehe.
December 4, 2013 - I was out with hubby the whole day. I had my prenatal checkup in the morning and we met with our broker in the afternoon to sign some documents.
December 5, 2013 - After lunch, I had a meeting with the previous owner of the house & lot that we purchased and our broker. After our meeting, I went to the wet market to buy some veggies that would last for a week. Then when I got home, I already prepared the things that I'll be bringing in the hospital as well as Christoff's things.

Yes, I did all of those things considering that I'm already due in less than 2 weeks. =)

Have a nice weekend guys!!!

Monday, December 02, 2013

Kulilits' Favorites: Soyfresh Soya Milk

The Kulilits also love Soyfresh Soya Milk...

Actually, aside from chocolate flavored soya milk, they also like strawberry and malt flavors. I'm so happy that my sons love soya milk. At least, it is another source of protein for them. =)