Friday, November 01, 2013

Tantrum & Feverish Halloween at Westgate

This year's Halloween is kinda nightmare for me. You know why? Because Ian had tantrums and Chris got feverish that's why we were forced to go home immediately. =(

We went to Westgate Alabang again for this year's trick or treat because they have lots of activities there such as games, magic show, production numbers, etc.

At first, the Kulilits were behave. They even agreed to take pictures at the stage. But you can see here that they were not in the mood that's why they were neither smiling nor looking at the camera...

After few minutes, Ian got into the mood already. We even had a wacky shot while waiting for our turn in the registration...

During the program proper, we sat with the other kids near the stage where Ian saw a kid in Spiderman costume. From that time on, he kept on asking me for his Spiderman costume. He told me that he doesn't want scarecrow costume anymore. He even tried to undress himself. When I told him that his Superman costume is at home, he started to have tantrum already. I just kept calm and told him that we will just go home if he continues to have tantrum. Good thing he listened.

Then while waiting for our turn at the photo booth, I noticed that Chris became weak so I checked on him. He's already starting to become feverish that time. But since we've already waited long enough for our turn, we just had our photos taken. You could see in the picture that Chris is really not feeling well.

After the photo booth, I asked Chris if he wants to go home. He told me that he wants to watch the magic show first before we go home.

During the first part of the magic show, the Kulilits watched attentively. Then Ian saw the kid in Spiderman costume again that led to another tantrum which is even worse. So that's it! That made me decide to just go home.

On our way to the car, both Chris and Ian are crying. Chris is crying because he wanted to finish the magic show first before going home while Ian is crying because he wants his Spiderman costume.

Then in the car, both of them don't want to go to the maids. Just imagine me, a preggy woman, driving a manual pick-up truck with the Kulilits on my lap. Yes, I know that's dangerous... But I don't have a choice and I'm really stressed that time.

Since I'm already stressed that time, I got really hungry that's why we went first to Chicboy Molito to eat. And guess how many rice I ate? I had 4! Sorry... That's me! If I'm so stressed out, I really tend to binge. =(

Anyhow, Ian still had tantrum episodes after Molito until we were home already. Super exagg! I told myself that I won't go out anymore with the Kulilits without my husband. I had enough already! Haaayyyssstttt...

On the other hand, we still got some loots from the event...

So that's my not so fun and traumatic 2013 Halloween experience. Hopefully, it will be better next year...


  1. Che,
    This is what we called "growing pain". I sympathized with you but I can't help laughing when Ian was trying to undress and wear a spiderman costume.
    At the of the day, you made it home safe.
    Ninang V

    1. Yes Ninang. I wasn't expecting that to happen last night because I know that they are good boys. Good thing, we made it home safely. :)

  2. hi ate che. i feel you! that's why i really don't go out that much without hubby. my kid, johann, tends to have tantrums, not all the time, but once in a while, to the point that he spanks me or screams in public. minsan lang din talaga, dahil sa ilang certain situation, kahit mood natin or pasensya natin umiikli. especially in your situation, preggy with two active kids.

    good thing nalang when we had our trick or treat sa AIG Madrigal, ndi naman nagtantrums ang baby ko, although while lining up sa facepainting for Johann and his cousin, natulog ang bagets.. imagine me carrying him for almost an hour. kahit airconditioned yung room, jusko, ang pawis ko! stress drillon levels. kaso sake as you, sayang naman ang pinila namin kaya pinafacepaint ko cousin ni johann and c johann kahit tulog siya.

    however, after all the stress that time, and all the haggardness, sulit naman when we came home kasi nakita ni Johann ang mga nakuha nyang treats.

    on your part naman, atleast all of you went home safely lalo you drove the car with the twins on your lap. tapos preggy ka pa. :)

    happy halloween! telenovela ang comment ko. hehehe.

    1. Hi Honey! Grabe, kakaiba talagang experience. First time tinopak ng ganung katindi si Ian kaya nga pati ako nagulat din sa mga pangyayari. Buti na lang din nga at malapit lapit lang ang Alabang dahil kung hindi, di ko alam kung paano kami makakauwi. :)