Thursday, November 07, 2013

Prenatal Checkup Wednesday

I had my prenatal checkup yesterday. It has been two months since my last checkup. My bad!!! Well, not really. Not that much. Haha! I have my reasons. First, my OGCT's results required me to have OGTT. Second, when my OGTT results were already released and I'm ready to have my next prenatal checkup, my OBG was out of the country. And lastly, I'm hoping to lose some pounds that I gained because of the  events, meet-ups and parties that I attended the past few months.

During my prenatal checkup, my weight was checked and my OBG was VERY disappointed because I gained 9 pounds in two months time. That's really huge! The average allowable weight gain per month, according to my doctor, should just be 2 to 3 pounds only. Haaayyysssttt... Why is it I belong to the unfortunate few who gain weight easily???? =(

There's another issue during yesterday's checkup. I have cough and colds that time because I just had a flu. My OBG find my cough too bad. She's scared that I might break my bag through coughing since she just had a case few weeks ago. She immediately instructed hubby to give me antibiotics and mucolytic.

At the doctor's clinic, I just said yes but when I'm already alone with hubby, I told him that I refuse to take in meds. I'm not really into medicines and hubby knows that. I just let my natural antibodies do their roles. Aside from that, I know my body and I can feel that my cough and colds were about to go away. And because of that, my hubby commented: "Mahirap na pasyente ang doctor pero mas mahirap na pasyente ang asawa ng doctor! (It's hard to have a doctor as a patient but it's harder to have a doctor's spouse as a patient!)"

So that's my prenatal checkup yesterday. My next checkup is on the 20th. Hopefully, I won't gain weight anymore. I'll try my very best to control myself. =)

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