Thursday, November 21, 2013

Prenatal Checkup at 35 Weeks

I went yesterday to Makati Med for my prenatal checkup. I'm already 35 weeks pregnant and in less than a month, I'll already give birth to Christoff. =)

I'm really happy because my OBG didn't get upset to me yesterday because I didn't gain weight. Yahoo!!! That's actually an achievement for me. Hehe. There was only a slight problem which was about my BP. I was like in the borderline which is around 130/90. But that's maybe because I walked from Burgundy to Makati Med and I haven't rested completely when they took my BP. In fact, I need not worry since hubby is a cardiologist.

Anyway, since I'm near my due date, I'll already be visiting my OBG on a weekly basis. I'm actually given a request for ultrasound, CBC and urinalysis in order for her to know when will I possibly be scheduled to give birth.

Then my OBG told me that she'll be doing me an IE next week. Yikes! I'm really uncomfortable with the idea. Hehe. I really don't know why I need to undergo an IE since I didn't experience it when I was pregnant with the twins.

So that's it for now. Til' my next prenatal checkup guys! =)

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