Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Food Trip: Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant

Like what I've said in my previous blog entry, we ate our lunch at Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant located at the ground floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall. It was very enticing to eat there because you can see from the outside the jam-packed customers as well as the food that were being served.

Here is the facade of the restaurant...

A brief history of the restaurant...

The menu...

We ordered the following:

Large Sincerity Chami...


The Sincerity Chami that we ordered was really HUGE and it was absolutely delicious also! We ordered a large plate so that we can bring home some for the Kulilits.

Small Oyster Cake...


My original plan was to order the large serving. Good thing I changed my mind because their serving was big. In fact, we didn't finish it all.

The oyster cake was yummy also. Aside from being big, it was really thick and there are a lot of oysters in it!

Half Sincerity Fried Chicken...


It's really a must try! I love the garlicky and buttery flavor of the chicken. It's crispy from the outside and really juicy inside! Plus the fact that it was served really HOT!

Big Plain Rice...


We ordered plain rice so that we could savour the flavor of the viands that we ordered.

All the food items that we ordered were included in the restaurant's all time favorite list since it was our first time to try the restaurant. I tell you, they didn't fail us considering there were a lot of people eating there. The food was really GREAT - served hot, delicious and big serving! Apart from that, it has good value for money. Imagine, our bill was less than P500.00 only!

We will definitely go back there or maybe to their original branch (Binondo) and try their other all time favorite. =)

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