Saturday, November 16, 2013

Food Trip: Mang Raul's Ihaw Ihaw

Yesterday, I craved for some ihaw-ihaw and I don't know why. I just suddenly thought of isaw manok (chicken intestines) and adidas (chicken feet) that's why I told the maids, on our way home from Festival Mall, that we'll go food tripping in the afternoon after the Kulilits' nap.

So at around 6:00pm, we headed to Mang Raul's at BF Almanza for some ihaw-ihaw. It's a known ihaw-ihaw food stall here down south serving BBQ, isaw manok (chicken intestines), isaw baboy (pork intestines), adidas (chicken feet), balat (pork skin), tenga (pork ears) and jumbo hotdogs.

When we arrived there, lines were starting to build up already. We were 12th in the line.

The food on sticks were stored in plastic box containers...

Normally, those who eat there order in bulk that's why they have a huge griller there...

Our order came after around 30 minutes. I was really hungry that time that I forgot to take pictures of what we ordered. Hehe. Anyway, I had isaw manok and adidas, the Kulilits had hotdogs and the maids had isaw manok, adidas, tenga and balat.

This were our plates after we ate...

And of course, hubby requested isaw manok and isaw baboy for takeout since he wasn't able to come with us...

Cravings satisfied! Yahoo! Even the maids enjoyed our food tripping last night. It was a new experience for them. We loved the sauces - special sweet sauce and spicy vinegar. The total damage for our food is only P309.00. =)

Anyway, below is the price list of their products in case you want to know:

BBQ - 17.00
Jumbo Hotdog - 18.00
Isaw Manok - 6.00
Isaw Baboy - 9.00
Adidas - 6.00
Tenga - 9.00
Balat - 6.00
Rice - 15.00

So that's it! Till our next food trip...

Mang Raul's Ihawan
CRM Avenue, BF Almanza (near the Church)
Store Hours: 2:30pm to 9:00pm everyday except Monday
CP No.: 0920-6122150

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