Monday, November 25, 2013

Pacquiao-Rios Fight

Hi guys! Have you watched the Pacquiao-Rios fight yesterday?

We watched it at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel which was sponsored by a certain pharmaceutical company. As usual, the Kulilits were with us. In fairness, they were behave there. Thanks to iPads! Hehe. During the underscore fights, they just played educational games and watched YouTube. But during the main fight, Pacquiao-Rios, they were all eyes and ears also.

Here we were while watching the fight...

How did you find the fight?

Well, for me, it's kinda boring. It's not the typical fight of Pacquiao. I didn't see the the aggressive Pacquiao there unlike his previous fights. Aside from that, Rios was very irritating because he kept on hugging Pacquiao.

But still... Pacquiao WON!!! He's truly a Filipino pride. Aside from standing up from his previous defeat against Marquez, he also uplifted the hearts of the Filipinos which were distressed during the recent calamities (earthquake & typhoon Yolanda) that our country went through.

I just hope that this will be his last fight. He doesn't need to prove anything already. He's, in fact, the first and only eight-division world champion. Aside from that, he's not getting younger anymore. I want him to be remembered as a winner and don't want him to have a tragic end in his career like what other famous boxers had in the past.

Kulilits Favorites: The Laughing Cow

Somehow, the Kulilits have different tastes - Ian loves sweets while Chris loves savory food.

One of the favorite food of Chris that Ian does not like is The Laughing Cow Milky Cheese...

Very expensive taste right? Hehe!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bet on Your Baby Audition of Ian & Chris

My mom and mother-in-law kept on telling me to join the Kulilits at the game show, Bet on Your Baby (BOYB). Honestly, I have no idea about that game show since our TV is mostly tuned in either the DZMM TeleRadyo or Disney Junior until I got curious and watched an episode at iWantv.

After watching an episode, the stage mother in me got interested in joining the said game show. I immediately researched on how to join it until I found out how. So there, last October 23, I sent them an email containing a picture and details of the Kulilits.

They replied immediately the following day asking me to send an audition video of the Kulilits with me and with their daddy. I set it aside first because I still don't have time to video the twins with me and hubby is always home late and he is also very busy during the weekends.

Then last November 6, I got an sms from BOYB confirming if Ian and Chris were really twins. I answered back and apologized for not yet sending an audition video.

Around last week, I tried my best to make an audition video of the Kulilits with me which I immediately sent to them. I also told them that I will just send an audition video of the Kulilits with hubby as soon as I get a chance to shoot a video of them.

With just the audition video of the Kulilits with me, BOYB sent me an sms that they'll be inviting us already for an audition and they'll be sending me the details soon.

Last Tuesday, November 19, BOYB sent me the details of the audition. They also called me giving me instructions and tips about the audition. I got really excited! I called hubby immediately, told him about the audition and asked him to free up his schedule.

I prepared the Kulilits for the audition by making them watch the previous episodes of BOYB, talking to them and asking them to always listen to my and their daddy's instructions and mind-setting them that they'll do great during the audition.

So there, yesterday, we went to ABS CBN for the audition. I was really happy because they were both in the mood and excited for the audition. You could really see that they wanted to join the game show.

Everything went well during the audition. They did all the tasks that we asked them to do. It seems that the ABS CBN staff liked them because of their spontaneity, alertness and liveliness. They made them laugh during the audition.

Guess who really got nervous during the audition? Hubby and I! Hehe. We were challenged on how can we ask the Kulilits to do the given task and we were clueless if they'll do it.

Crossing my fingers, I really hope that we could get in the game show. The researcher who handles us told us that we have a high chance of getting in because of the positive feedback that she got from the ABS CBN staff. She also told us that it will take weeks before knowing the result of the audition. And in case we get in, it usually takes months before the actual game show because it depends on the writer.

I'll just give you update if we made it. =) Please pray for us ha. =)

By the way, BOYB gave the kulilits some loots after the audition...

Thanks so much! We had a great experience during the audition! =)

SWAG: Cashew Nuts

Thank you med rep for this...

Something to munch during my boys' weekend movie sessions! =)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Kulilits Moments: Little Boy

One day, I'm being sweet and affectionate to Ian...

Me: Come here baby kuya, I want to hug and kiss you.
Ian: I'm not a baby. I'm a little boy!
Me: You're not a baby anymore?
Ian: Yes, I'm little boy Ian.

Oh my! My baby is growing up too fast. He doesn't want to be called a baby anymore. Huhu! =(

Papa G and Mama G are Back!!!

Papa G and Mama G were already back from the US last Wednesday. You'll know if they are home because their house is extraordinarily loud when they are around. Hehe.

As usual, they have a lot of stuff for us from the US and that is because my mom is an innate shopaholic. =) 

Pasalubong for Christoff:

Medela Electric Double Breastpump...

Carter's Baby Socks...

Pasalubong for the Kulilits:

Cheese Spread...

Spiderman Footwear...

Spiderman Socks...

Spiderman Jacket & Jogging Pants...

OshKosh B'gosh Boots...

Formal Clothes Set...

Maista Diecast Cars (from Tito Manong & Tita May)...

Pasalubong for Me:

Bella Perlina Swarovski Crystal Bracelet...




Refrigerator Magnets...

Pasalubong for Hubby:

Honduras Coffee Beans...


Long-Sleeves Polo with Necktie...

Too many right? Well, that's my mom and dad - the shopaholic and the financier!

To Mama G & Papa G,

Thank you very much for these items! We really liked it. Thank you again for buying me a new breastpump for Christoff which I know costs a lot.

May God bless both of you more and more. We love you both!

Ryan, Cheryll and Kids

To Tito Manong & Tita May,

Thank you for the diecast cars that you gave Ian and Chris. They super duper love it! They even sleep beside it.

Ryan & Cheryll

Kulilits & Daddy Sunday Bonding

Last Sunday, the Kulilits and their dad had so much fun. Hubby made an effort to finish his rounds early so that he could spend more time with the Kulilits.

We started our day with brunch. I cooked garlic bangus belly with tausi sauce, fried eggs and chicken sausages...

After eating, hubby did his patient rounds while I made the kiddos take their afternoon nap.

We were suppose to go to Nuvali because we promised the Kulilits that they'll be playing and running in the grass. But since we might not be able to catch the sun anymore if we were to travel to Sta. Rosa, we just went to the football field near Fernbrook Gardens along Daang Reyna in Cavite.

The boys did a lot of things there. First, they played with the bubbles. The Kulilits were endlessly chasing the bubbles that their daddy is making...

Then they flew a kite...

After flying a kite, they played football...

which later on turned into "Agawang Buko"...

The boys got tired and hungry from all the running that they did that's why we headed to Mc Donalds Evia for some snacks. =)

Though tiring, our experience that Sunday was really PRICELESS. Hubby told me that we should be doing it every week. He even suggested that we have a picnic next time. I'm really looking forward to that because we really need some family time. We need to bond as a family since it's only during Sundays that hubby have a time for us (which is sometimes taken away from us because of his duties as a doctor). 

How about you? How do you spend your Sundays?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Prenatal Checkup at 35 Weeks

I went yesterday to Makati Med for my prenatal checkup. I'm already 35 weeks pregnant and in less than a month, I'll already give birth to Christoff. =)

I'm really happy because my OBG didn't get upset to me yesterday because I didn't gain weight. Yahoo!!! That's actually an achievement for me. Hehe. There was only a slight problem which was about my BP. I was like in the borderline which is around 130/90. But that's maybe because I walked from Burgundy to Makati Med and I haven't rested completely when they took my BP. In fact, I need not worry since hubby is a cardiologist.

Anyway, since I'm near my due date, I'll already be visiting my OBG on a weekly basis. I'm actually given a request for ultrasound, CBC and urinalysis in order for her to know when will I possibly be scheduled to give birth.

Then my OBG told me that she'll be doing me an IE next week. Yikes! I'm really uncomfortable with the idea. Hehe. I really don't know why I need to undergo an IE since I didn't experience it when I was pregnant with the twins.

So that's it for now. Til' my next prenatal checkup guys! =)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Homeschooling the Kulilits: 6th Week

Last week, we talked about how Joseph became a leader in Egypt, how he forgave his brothers and how he helped his family.

We also learned the following: letter E and its sound, number 6, how God loves everyone unconditionally and how to be polite by saying "May I?"

Here are some of the activities we did last week:

You could see how busy the twins here...

Chris & Ian



For letter recognition...

Review of letters C, D & E...

For counting...

 For their counting book...

That's all for our week 6! =)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Kulilits' Favorites: Oishi Oaties Milk & Choco Chug

Here are the new drinks that my Kulilits love...

Oishi Oaties Milk and Choco Chug!!!

I never thought that Oishi will have a beverage product. =) Actually, this is a good product because it has finely ground oats in it. Very healthy indeed!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

On Disciplining

One of the Kulilits, Ian, has a habit of hitting and shouting when he's mad, angry or frustrated. I really try my best to keep calm every time he does it. I either talk to him firmly and explain to him that it's not good to do that or I give him a time-out until his feelings of madness, anger or frustration is gone.

Until yesterday, he hit me on two different occasions with a matching shout as if he's the authority. First is when we were on our way home from Festival because I didn't allow him to climb the reception table at OGUSCA and the second one is when we were on our way home from Mang Raul's when he suddenly asks for another hotdog. 

It's really frustrating when he does that. Since his habit is becoming worse despite my one on one talks with him and time-outs, I decided to finally discipline him last night. I wanted him to know that I won't tolerate his bad habit anymore and he has to know who's the boss.

I used the discipline rod on him when we arrived home. Initially, I gave him 3. But after I spanked him, he showed a sign of rebellion by shouting again. So I gave him another 2. That's the time he finally stopped. After that, I talked to him and explained him that what he did was wrong. He's not suppose to hit me and shout at me. I told him that it is being disrespectful. I explained him that I love him dearly that's why I'm disciplining him so that he'll be a good boy. I also told him that as much as possible I don't want to use the discipline rod at him but there are times that I needed to use it in order to stop the bad habit.

He seems to listen when I talked to him but it took some time before he said sorry to me. I left the room first to give him time to think then when I went back he went to me and said sorry. I hugged him tightly and told him that I forgave him already and I love him so much. He told me "Mommy, no more hitting. No more shouting." I'm very pleased to hear him say that because I know that he understood the things that I told him.

It really breaks my heart every time I use the discipline rod. As much as possible I don't want to use it. But I know that at some point, I need to use it.

Proverbs 13:24 (NIV)

Whoever spares the rod hates their children,
but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.

How about you guys? Are you experiencing this kind of situation with your toddlers too? How do you discipline them?

Food Trip: Mang Raul's Ihaw Ihaw

Yesterday, I craved for some ihaw-ihaw and I don't know why. I just suddenly thought of isaw manok (chicken intestines) and adidas (chicken feet) that's why I told the maids, on our way home from Festival Mall, that we'll go food tripping in the afternoon after the Kulilits' nap.

So at around 6:00pm, we headed to Mang Raul's at BF Almanza for some ihaw-ihaw. It's a known ihaw-ihaw food stall here down south serving BBQ, isaw manok (chicken intestines), isaw baboy (pork intestines), adidas (chicken feet), balat (pork skin), tenga (pork ears) and jumbo hotdogs.

When we arrived there, lines were starting to build up already. We were 12th in the line.

The food on sticks were stored in plastic box containers...

Normally, those who eat there order in bulk that's why they have a huge griller there...

Our order came after around 30 minutes. I was really hungry that time that I forgot to take pictures of what we ordered. Hehe. Anyway, I had isaw manok and adidas, the Kulilits had hotdogs and the maids had isaw manok, adidas, tenga and balat.

This were our plates after we ate...

And of course, hubby requested isaw manok and isaw baboy for takeout since he wasn't able to come with us...

Cravings satisfied! Yahoo! Even the maids enjoyed our food tripping last night. It was a new experience for them. We loved the sauces - special sweet sauce and spicy vinegar. The total damage for our food is only P309.00. =)

Anyway, below is the price list of their products in case you want to know:

BBQ - 17.00
Jumbo Hotdog - 18.00
Isaw Manok - 6.00
Isaw Baboy - 9.00
Adidas - 6.00
Tenga - 9.00
Balat - 6.00
Rice - 15.00

So that's it! Till our next food trip...

Mang Raul's Ihawan
CRM Avenue, BF Almanza (near the Church)
Store Hours: 2:30pm to 9:00pm everyday except Monday
CP No.: 0920-6122150

Friday, November 15, 2013

Meet Roy Christoff...

I had my 3D/4D Ultrasound this morning at OGUSCA (OB-GYN Ultrasound Center Alabang). The procedure is supposed to be done between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy for clearer image of the baby. I'm already 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant but I still tried my luck since I'm sure that I'll feel guilty if my third son will not have his own 3D/4D UTZ. I don't want him question me in the future why he didn't have it unlike his older twin brothers. Let's just say that I wanted to be FAIR. Hehe. =)

Honestly speaking, when I first found out about the gender of my baby, I'm quite disappointed since I'm really wishing for a baby girl. I don't feel excited anymore until I saw his 3D image the first time. He literally kept on smiling at us! His smile melted my heart. He was like saying to me "Mommy, I will give you joy also!".

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Roy Chirstoff G. Padua...

He really seems to be a happy and active baby. Another chubby-cheeked "baba-less" (no chin) bouncing baby boy!

Maybe you are curious to know how the Kulilits look like in their 3D UTZ.  Here they were when they were 28weeks and 5 days...

By the way, I went with hubby and the Kulilits. The Kulilits were thrilled to see their little baby brother. In fact, they were mimicking what Christoff was doing.

Look here...

Aren't the twins adorable?

Anyway, I'll upload clearer 3D images of Christoff as soon as I get the CD from OGUSCA.

I hope that you're glad to meet Christoff too! =)