Thursday, October 17, 2013

WICKED by Cravings

Get Bewitched by Wicked! 
Wicked, Cravings’ New Concept Bakeshop Unveiled

A wickedly wonderful treat will surprise diners and mall-goers of Shangri-La Mall!

Wicked’s heavenly creations are in store for them when they visit the bakeshop at the 5th level of the new East Wing. The name is “Wicked,” and its offerings are wild and wonderful!

Why try Wicked? As the market is full of different shops each offering cakes, cupcakes and other confections, Wicked houses all of these in one shop.  Once you enter its doors, you will surely feel heavenly as the aroma wafting around the shop will wake all your senses. Here, one can indulge in all the sweet confections that one can dream of, from all-time classic desserts to new sugary creations. Name it, Wicked has it!

It is a perfect place for families, where parents and children can separately enjoy their Wicked experience. A cool hangout for yuppies for a quick snack, lunch or unwinding with a group of friends after work, it is also an ideal place for Ladies Who Lunch to discuss the latest goings-on over tea. Certainly, it is a haven for those who appreciate the best, those who linger over every bite of sweets, savouries and sips of specially concocted beverages as Wicked only uses premium ingredients and assures each and every item is made fresh daily.

On hand to help you enjoy the experience are the in-house chefs, Ton Albasin, RJ Bernabe and Mac Reyes, led by Chef Christine Paredes.  “Wicked is a place where you can have your sweets with a shot of your favorite alcohol. It is exciting as we have divided our menu into Wickedly Sinful, Wickedly Sexy, and Wickedly Intoxicating. Here at Wicked, we make all your dessert fantasies come true!” said Chef Christine.

Wicked puts its customers through a journey of flavors and unusual pairing. Liquor plays a supportive role, complementing distinct characteristics of each food item.  Wicked brings to the table a wicked series of desserts! To tickle the senses, here are a few of Wicked's specialties: Reese Peanut Butter Cupcake covered with rich Peanut Butter Ganache specked with more pieces of Reese Chocolate, Campfire Chocolate Cupcake with Marshmallows burnt to perfection bathed in Milk Chocolate Ganache; Brookies, a perfect marriage between a moist Brownie and a crispy Cookie; Chili Avocado Brownies, and more!

As promised, there is something for everyone, so for those who love their savouries, you are not forgotten. Wicked is offering Salmon & Dill Quiche, Four Cheese Quiche and Ham, Cheese Quiche and a variety of sandwiches all served with a side salad.

Craving for buttery, crisp tarts, Wicked has the Seasonal Fruit Tart with Roasted Almond Flakes, Rich & Velvety Flourless Chocolate Tart and Salted Caramel Pecan Tart filled to the brim with caramel filling and salted pecans served with vanilla ice cream.

As Cravings is known for its exquisite cakes, fans can surely indulge in classic favorites like Cherry Walnut Cheesecake, Twix Cheesecake, No-Sugar-Added Cheesecake and Butterscotch.

“Wicked evokes images of fairy tales and childhood joys, intimate moments with friends and family, and indulging in dreamy food that only this new concept in dining and café can offer.  Now, those dreams sprinkled with sugar can happen because Wicked makes sure it’s an experience that is best put into words as ‘happily ever after.’ It's a place for kids and kids at heart. A place to get your sugar trance,” added Chef Christine.

For more information about Wicked by Cravings, you can visit and like their Facebook fan page,   Wicked is at the 5th level, East Wing, Shangri-la Mall, Mandaluyong City.

Here are some of Wicked's delicious desserts:


Cherry Walnut Cheesecake

Chili Almond Avocado Brownies

Chocolate Cupcake with Edible Gold

Guiltless Cheesecake

Kahlua Jelly Shots

Mini Red Velvet Cupcake

Spice Pumpkin Lollies

Vanilla Cupcake 

White Russian Fondue 

Wicked Stepmother Apple Pie

5th Floor, East Wing,
Shangri-La Plaza Mall,
Mandaluyong City

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