Thursday, October 03, 2013


I had my OGTT done yesterday morning and praise God because the results were all normal. I don't have gestational diabetes. Hooray! But it doesn't necessarily mean that I can already give in to my cravings of sweets. 

I promised myself that I will no longer eat sweet stuff until I give birth neither during my next pregnancy. Yes, I'm already thinking way too advanced. Hehe. But really, having a high GCT during my OGCT is very alarming and stressful for me considering that I am at risk of having GDM because of my weight. Aside from that, the OGTT procedure itself is very time consuming and in a way I consider it as a penalty for eating too much sweets.

Maybe you are asking why? Well, this is what happened yesterday...

I'm Starved

I am NPO or I need to fast for at least 8 hours before my OGTT. So my last meal the other day I think is around past 8pm and I drank my last glass of water at around 11pm. I went to Hi Precision Diagnostics at 7:50am and my request was received at 8:22am. My first blood was extracted at 8:40am and my last blood was extracted at 11:40am. I got to eat my first meal at 11:50am which, by the way, is just a cob of corn and water.

What made it worse is that during the time that I'm feeling very hungry, there are these two old ladies at my back eating Chowking. Oh men! The smell of their food made me more hungry!!!

I Wasted A Lot of Time

I left home at 7:20am and went back at around 12:10pm. That's almost 5 hours! I could have done a lot of things for 5 hours like being with the Kulilits, doing household chores, doing some paper works, blogging and other productive things. 

The whole OGTT procedure is done for 3 hours - FBS, 1st hour, 2nd hour and 3rd hour. There's surely a lot of waiting to do. I'm just thankful because I'm not that bored because I have an iPad with me and HP has a free WIFI internet access. 

It's A Torture

They extracted blood from me 4 times - FBS, 1st hour, 2nd hour and 3rd hour. Good thing that I have a high tolerance for pain because I think that inserting needles four times for other people is already a torture. Aside from that, I need to give also 4 urine samples for FBS, 1st hour, 2nd hour and 3rd hour. That just means that I need to pee for 4 times. Peeing yesterday, since I lack liquid, is getting more difficult every hour. I remembered that I almost don't have a pee for the fourth sample.

A Waste of Money

We all know that having laboratory tests is a pain the pocket. Though OGTT is not that expensive, I should have avoided having it done by just being a good preggy mom.

This experience for my second pregnancy is not a joke. I learned my lessons already. I now know why sweets such as chocolates, cakes, ice cream, iced tea, and softdrinks should be avoided during pregnancy. I'm very thankful to God that I don't have a GDM. I think He is just shaking me and making me realize that I'm being a stubborn preggy.

That's why preggy moms out there, I hope you learned from my experience too.

Have a nice day ahead of you!!!

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