Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Things That I'm Grateful For in My 33 Years of Existence

Today is my birthday! =) I'm already 33 but whenever they ask me how old I am, I always answer them by saying that I'm only 30. Actually, my age stopped already at 30. Hehe.

Well, for my birthday blog post, I just want to share you the things that I'm grateful for. =)

My Own Family

I'm blessed to have a husband who is loving, VERY patient, kind, supportive, a good provider and God fearing.

I'm blessed to have twins who are smart, diligent, kind, obedient and good boys. They are angels sent to me and my husband. They never became a problem to me that's why I survived without a house help for several months.

I'm blessed because I have my own family. I have my husband and my kids who serve as my inspiration in life. They make my life meaningful. I won't regret the choice that I made when I decided to become a full time housewife. It is such a joy serving my family.

My Garcia Family

I'm blessed to have my parents who are always there for me and who love me unconditionally. Though I'm already a grown up and have my own family, I still remain their precious first born, their princess. =)

I'm blessed to have my brothers who are always there to protect me.

My Padua Family

I'm blessed to have my mother-in-law and father-in-law who are supportive and also always there for us.

I'm blessed to have my brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law who treat me as their own sister.

My Relatives

I'm blessed to have wacky relatives who are always game whenever we have family events. Relatives who are always ready give a helping hand to one another.

My Best Friends

I'm blessed to have best friends who are always there and remain as my friends though we seldom see each other. My friends who I believe are my sisters from a different mother.

My childhood best friend, Monique...

My CSA best friend, Irina...

My UP best friend, Beth...

A Healthy New Baby

I'm blessed to have another healthy baby boy and I'm very excited to see him on December. This is actually the best blessing that I received for the year!

A Healthy Pregnancy

I'm blessed to have a healthy pregnancy though I'm a little bit hard headed nowadays - I don't have gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

A Healthy Family

I'm blessed to have a healthy family. Thanks God we seldom get sick. =)

A New Home

I'm blessed to have a new home which we could  finally call our own. This is, of course, through God's help and combined effort between me and my husband.

Local and International Travels at 32 Years Old

I'm blessed to have traveled both locally and internationally with my family.

Sulyap Bed & Breakfast, San Pablo, Laguna (January 2013)

Villa Escudero, San Pablo, Laguna  (January 2013)

Chiayi & Taipei, Taiwan (January 2013)

Bohol (February 2013)

Clark, Pampanga (February 2013)

Camaya Coast, Bataan (May 2013)

Bellaroca Island, Marinduque (June 2013)

Boac, Marinduque (June 2013)

Macau (August 2013)

Hongkong (August 2013)

Bali, Indonesia (September 2013)

Bountiful Life

I'm blessed to live an abundant life. I'm rich in LOVE and I'm HAPPY =) Financially, God is always there to provide for us. He never fails to bless us.

This Blog

I'm blessed to have this blog which serves as my outlet.

... and a lot more things to be grateful for!!!

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