Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kulilits Moments: Umbrella & I'm Sad


One rainy afternoon, Chris wanted to go to Mama G's House...

Chris: Mommy, let's go to Mama G's house please.
Me: No more anak, let's just stay here at home.
Chris: I want to go to Mama G's house mommy. I want to ride my bike.
Me: It's raining baby. See?
Chris: UMBRELLA! Use umbrella, mommy!

See? I don't have an excuse. Haha!

I'm Sad

Last night, I'm quite disappointed with Ian because he's not that attentive to our lesson. That's why when we were about to go to bed, I made drama.

Me (with a sad face): Hmf! I'm sad... I'm sad because Ian is not listening to mommy.
Doc Padu: Look Ian, mommy is sad. Go to mommy and say sorry.
Ian (frowned also then turned around): I'm sad also, mommy!

Well... Well... If there is a drama queen, there is also a drama prince! Hehe!

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