Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kulilits Moments: Silly Answers

Scenario 1: Christmas Decors

Last Saturday, after the Christmas decors were installed, Mama G asked the Kulilits a question...

Mama G: Is my house beautiful already?
Ian: No! It's dirty!

Well, Ian is actually right. Mama G's house is still a mess that time because the decorators haven't finished packing up. Hehe.

Scenario 2: Birthday

While having a question and answer portion with Chris...

Me: What's your name?
Chris: Mathe Ryan Christopher Garcia Padua
Me: What's the name of your daddy?
Chris: Doc Padu
Me: What's the name of your mommy?
Chris: Cheryll
Me: How old are you?
Chris: Two
Me: When is your birthday?
Chris (frivolously): to you...

Chris told that in the tune of "Happy Birthday". Hehe!

Scenario 3: Achoo!

While feeding Chris, he suddenly chocked...

Me: See! You chocked again! I told you to chew well your food before swallowing it.
Chris (pretending to sneeze): A-CHEW!!!

Good sense of humor right? I think Chris got it from Mama G. Hehe!

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