Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kulilits' Favorites: Royal Dansk Luxury Wafers

My hubby suggested that I should have a segment in my blog where I could share the favorite products of the Kulilits. In this way, I could be able to suggest to fellow moms products that their toddlers might also love.

First in the list is the Royal Dansk Luxury Wafers, particularly the vanilla flavor. The Kulilits can finish a 350g can of this in 2 days.

You can buy Royal Dansk Luxury Wafers at S&R but sometimes it is not available that's why I tried to substitute it with other brands. Unfortunately, the Kulilits don't like the other brands readily available in supermarket. =(

Recently, Mama G bought the Kulilits 3 cans of these yummy luxury wafers...

Just imagine how happy the Kulilits are when they saw these cans! =)


  1. You can try Stikko... It tastes almost the same :)

    1. Hi Anj! I already tried Stikko but the Kulilits still prefer Royal Dansk. Maybe because it's crunchier and has more filling. :)